• In a way

    I don't think that they should be paid necessarily but I think that a reward system should be in place for students. I think students would perform a lot better in school if they received immediate rewards(like a small snack after they do a work sheet or a ten minute break after they complete the assigned reading). People need motivation when it comes to getting things done.

  • That would be awesome.

    Heck yea. Were forced to go to a place where we have to sit and listen to something that is irrelevent, than do more of it outside of class, eventually stressing us out to the point of our mind shutting down. We should at least get this money towards our college fund, college is actually relevant in life.

  • It would mess up the economy

    No, doing so would mean money spent on each child going to public school would increase (every child that goes to public school gets about $11,000 spent on them). This argument goes under the same umbrella as “Should people get paid for working overtime”. Of course you wouldn’t, it’s basically giving out free money. So why should we do that on children? Even if you did, the taxes would increase because someone has to pay for all the free money being given out. So, in conclusion, paying children that go to school would mess up the economy, and all the bidjass.

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