• Of course they should.

    I know when I was younger and I sucked at every single sport known to man I would have loved to get a trophy for participating. Those kind of trophy's don't teach kids that they always win, they just give them the motivation to try. They promote a healthy response in a kid like "Hey, you were a part of something, you tried, you did good, and even if you didn't win you still tried your hardest." They teach kids about good sportsmanship and they teach them to accept when they lose because they tried. At least a participation trophy gives kids like myself something to show for their effort. I known in my personal experience any time I ever tried a sport I got nothing for it, nothing at all, I had no trophies to show for how hard I tried to be good. Some kids will always suck at sports, but hey if they got a participation trophy at least they'd have something to show for how hard they tried to be good. What's so wrong with that?

  • Trophies get kids motivated.

    I think that some kind of an award would be nice for a child. I used to participate in a bunch of sports and I never got any award. I was sad after every event. One of my friends always brags about how good she is at all of these sports and she hurts my feelings so I am all in for giving out trophies.

  • It makes them feel like their worth something.

    Children have a different mind set then adults do. If they see another kid get a trophy and they don't, They are going to feel like they are not good enough. Playing sports at a young age is mostly for fun anyways. So all of them should get trophy's. They are all apart of the team and contributed something. Yes i think they should get participation trophy's. When i was a kid it always boost my confidence and made me think i had a chance in life.

  • Not Trophy but Some prize should be given

    As today is the competitive world definitely all the children's does not deserve trophy but if we given some prize for their participation then it will motivate children to do more best and to achieve the best prize as if only winners get the trophy then it may create jealousy feeling in the other children against the winning children.So to remove this jealousy feeling we have to give some prize to all the children to motivate them to achieve the winning trophy.

  • Boosts self estem

    What if you didn't get a trophie but your friend did, how would you feel what would you do? Getting a trophie helps them reflect on the good experience they had. It, also shows they acomplished something on the team and may encourage them to do better and keep on going. Bur, yes there's also some bad thing's to like kids not working for the treophie.

  • They need trophys.

    Little kids might get mad if they dont if they dont get a trophy. If they do get a trophy they will keep playing the sport. The sport could get more popular and then more kids would get trophies which will make the world a happier place. It would be a lot better if kids got trophys

  • Yes they should

    When kids get trophies they feel good about them selves and they are encoureged to keep going and stay doing things they like. Kids love getting trophies when kids get trophies they want more witch makes them want to keep playing and they feel good about them selves it is the best thing ever for them

  • The should get the trophies

    Al l of the kids are just young and they are still developing and have young minds and adults are all fine cause they see life the way it is so they should get the trophies and let the kids have fun and enjoy life before they grow up and if you leave them with nothing to look back on they a all gonna give up and cheat and never do the right thing.

  • The should get the trophies

    Al l of the kids are just young and they are still developing and have young minds and adults are all fine cause they see life the way it is so they should get the trophies and let the kids have fun and enjoy life before they grow up and if you leave them with nothing to look back on they a all gonna give up and cheat and never do the right thing.

  • We introduced our little son, at 4 years old, filled with boundless energy, to soccer . Soccer was safe, fun & EVERYONE got to play.

    Seemed there were only a few sports 4 year olds could play but soccer INVITED the LITTLE kids. They'd be running around on a field chasing a ball, following few rules. Seemed fun & safe which was important to us also. ... Kudos to the parents because THEY "show up" first!

  • No kids should get trophies

    Kids shouldnt get trophies because looking back i have at least 50 trophies from my childhood just in my basement scene i was 7. I HAVE A TON.COme on. I mean i bet i couldve gotten a trophy for eating huh? It was for participating. Not if your good or bad.

  • Because then thay wont pertise a pate

    No because if the kids now there going to get a trophies then they will not participate in the activity. Say if someone just sat on the bench and not want to play the game sometimes the hole game. The league should come up with a trophy for the teem that won the last game in the finals should get it. And it a good lesson wen people get older they wont get a trophy just for showing up and playing they will have to put up the extra effort.

  • They are unnecessary and pointless.

    If kids know that they are going to get a trophy for only showing up for practice or not trying your best, they won’t try to accomplish anything. They won’t do anything because they are quite aware that they don’t have to. They’ll get a reward anyway. Some people may say that awards spur kids who aren't the best at what they do to work harder. In truth, nonstop recognition makes kids feel like they are already perfect at what they are doing and shuts them down to any improvement.

  • Its not special Because everyone gets one!

    Whenever I got a participation trophy, it just made me feel more sad that I didn't win the tournament. We, as a country, don't need to make kids feel sad that they epic failed to win. So we give them a trophy? I always just threw my participation trophies away.

  • No they should not.

    If your kid gets beat by someone who worked hard to win, why take all the spotlight. I am one of those kids who works hard, and I wanna feel special when I win something. It takes the feeling of winning away when other kids get trophies with me when I know they shouldn't have gotten them. Thx for reading!

  • Not beneficial to the kids in the long run.

    There have been many studies showing that kids will expect to be rewarded for things that don't deserve being awarded for in the future. Look at it this way, we were not given an A to sit in class, were we? Children should be recognized and praised for trying and being on a team but participation trophies is where the line should be drawn. Trophies symbolize winning and excelling, they should only be given if someone has accomplished something and done far superior to others. There are many other ways where kids can be shown appreciation for playing at young age.

  • They are pointless

    The losing team should want to better themselves, not feel proud because they lost. The whole point of being on a team is competing and feeling the satisfaction of beating your opponents. The losing team should want to better themselves, not get by with the bare minimum of the sport or competition.

  • Children get too many participation trophies for doing nothing while eating the team snack!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I was a child, i wondered why the other kids who were on the winning team got the same trophy as us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hard to see your child sitting on the ground in the outfield picking the grass while the ball runs right by them! Sports these days!!!!!!!!

  • Kids should not get participation trophies.

    Kids should not get participation trophies. I think that because of a kid barely plays he doesn't deserve a trophy. I also think kids should not have a trophy that is just about how they played but might have never won a game but still got a trophy for playing but may not have played.

  • REALLY!!! Thats a neck!!!!

    It doesn't make them feel like they have to try or do anything that helps the team. If the get trophies for doing something then why do I not get a trophy for sitting in my butt all day long. Cmon now, that like telling your kids, " hey you did nothing, you earned yourself a trophy"

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