• School is cool

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    Posted by: llol
  • WE need school

    We have 5 days a week and look at me im perfectly fine. We need the knoweledge for everything. Any one who says no to this is a fat lazy person. Ok get that in your head and soak it in really good. Got that thxx laters bye jkja hadfj

  • Because they to learn something at school if they don't go to school they will be dumb.

    Because I'm 9 and school is fun and you get lot of fun work and you might have the best teacher ever and she might give you candy if you behave well and you might find new friends at the your school where you are and you might get extra recess.

  • Kids should go 5 days a week to school

    Lets put it this way, kids need to go to school 5 days a week to maximize their learning potential. Anything more than that will just burn the kids out too much and anything less will not be efficient. Also, it will prepare them for the future where adults have to work 5 days a week.

  • We need school so we can learn and get smarter.

    We need to go to learn. School is what help us learn. If we had no school then people would have to homeschool us. And they can homeschool us if they had him go to school and get smart. Also we need school so we can get smarter and get new jobs. But if we didn't have school then we couldn't get a job.

  • Its not the worst idea ever

    Now see i'm a high school finishing junior at the moment i'm only 17 years old and i'm so used to 5 days a week. Now i do not like school very much but i do believe that 5 days a week does have its advantages such as more time to teach the students the material. Now though we hate it life isn't gonna be much different, because our jobs will be 5 days a week if not more so we might as well get used to it now and stop whining about the real world. I'll be like this for the rest of our lives, no matter how much we hate it.

  • It's very tiring and stressful

    Students SHOULD NOT go to school 5 days a week. Because it can be very tiring and students an suffer from depression, students may not even have the time to do homework. It can also be very frustrating, we can learn as much things at home then at school, it's called technology.

  • Kids need to learn

    If kids just get 4 days of school, they wouldn't get their much needed education for the future. Having just 4 days of extended school would get them more time for homework, but doesn't give them the time they need to talk to teachers for help on said homework or if they dont understand their work. Today, i do see kids complaining about having too much school however, the majority of kids don't really like going to school in the first place.

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  • School should be 4 days

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  • No we shouldn't

    We need less time in school because we get tired out and especially middle schoolers and high schoolers have up to eight classes every day and most home is due the next day. And for some kids that is to much homework in so little time . I think we should not have to go to school 5 days a week.

  • Less school is better

    We should have less school because, first kids would be more rested for school. Second we would have more time to finish Homework and projects, so we would be less stressed that we will get a bad grade. Another reason is that we could be more social with friends, or make a new group of friends, so people don't fell left out. In the end i think that we should have less school

  • No, kids should go only 4 days a week so they have enough time to rest.

    School is exhausting and frustrating for many kids. This is only increased by having a 5 day week. It would be better to have more focus on sciences and maths and less focus on less important subjects. Thus the school curriculum can be squeezed into a four day week instead of a five day one.

  • We should have a four day week. Its not fair because we don't have a say in this tourture.

    We have to go to school, like its an requirement for us to live in the state of the South Carolina or any place of the matter. I feel like its not fair because were wasting 17 years of our lives. When I feel like some things that we learn in school is not even important.

  • It can effect some people with events that happen or things that couldn't get done.

    So if the school week was 4 days long I'm sure it would be longer days but the thing is that we have one more free day to get what we don't have done and frankly it would be more time off from school to rest and for the brain to work, than go five days a week and have less time to do important work or something you couldn't get done before.

  • School Is Too Gay...

    Why go to school 5 days a week, when you obviously know that you don want to. When your in a class, and the students in that aren't respectful, and then your math teacher or science teacher goes on a ramble about respect... Do what that one kid did on T.V. As soon as they say the word, respect, you just gotta say "Ha, GAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!

  • No we shouldnt

    Kids are burned out by all the work teachers give. We have outside lives just like teachers do. They fail to realize we get tired too. The reason why some kids complain so much is because of stress not only from school work but it may be their outside life. Teachers need to be more considerate.

  • Children Shouldn't Go to School 5 Days a Week.

    They shouldn't because, it causes kids to never think outside of school. Kids may get bullied and they could commit suicide. Kids could also stress much more than they should because of a Test or Exam coming up. So, they should go to school to learn something, but not 5 days a week. The consequences are to great.

  • School is too stressful

    Having a full 5 day week is too stressful, there is too much homework and people have social lives.We need free time. Many people spend most of their lives in school. Don't waste your whole life for something that can only help you in your job. Have school 4 days a week

  • I say no

    There might be some really mean teachers, not to mention we might go to school for that much damn time and then we just get F's in maths and you do your project. It's very stressful in my opinion. Even parents sometimes complain about the teacher, like some students do too..

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