• Kids should have a bedtime curfew.

    Kids should have a bedtime curfew. The future of tomorrow needs sleep to survive, and if kids do not get the sleep that they need, they will not be as successful as if they did get sleep. Setting a curfew for bed time allows for the deadline to be set concretely so you cannot change it.

  • Kids Should Have Bedtime Curfew

    Yes, kids should have a bedtime curfew as laid out by the parents. Young children need more sleep than do teenagers and adults, so it is wise of a parent to set up a time that the child is supposed to be in bed. In addition, this curfew gives parents a time to be awake by themselves, sans kids.

  • Kids should have a curfew in school days but not in Saturday and Friday because that is the only fun days to have fun yeah!!!

    Kids should have curfews cause if they did not have curfews there going to be late to school so yeah that is why also they have more energy and it is very healthy VERY and they also pay more attention at school so you have to give your kids curfew.

  • Yes, especially middle school kids.

    Yes maybe they do be independent... But how well they focus in their school and to their work determines if they are going to be working minimum wage at burger king or a famous neurosurgeon. So maybe they should be independent but no mother wants to go get a quick dinner on Monday night at burger king and have their son or daughter ring up their whoppers...

  • I do think they should.

    They should cause they will get better in school it will help alot!It is best for kids they need a ton of sleep.If they do not get sleep it will lower there grades and that will not be good that is why they should have early bedtimes.It will help.Alot in school

  • Betimes are awsome

    Did you know you need sleep.You need sleep because if you don't you
    can will be sick.If you do sleep you will be healthy.Try to go to bed every night.See if you go to bed you might be the most healthy person ever.But you have to go to bed early.

  • It is good.

    It is good for your child they will make good grades and pase their grade they will be more better at school and go to high school their will be hard work they will be hard test hard math test they dont go to reases at all they dont have fun.

  • Yes we should

    Yes kids could get more emgry then they can sleep good for torrwow when they go to school last is they got to they got to save more engry fill your child is 7 he must sleep at 7: 30 then fill your child is 9 he or she must sleep at 9:30

  • Yes we should have bed times

    Did you now that early bed times are good for children?If thay go to bed early at night when thay go to deep sleep in the morning thay would get there grades up.If you wake up at 6.15 you go to bed at 7.30 at night to go to deep sleep.

  • Yes ,you should have a bedtime.

    You should have a bedtime for a lot of reasons.You have to sleep to get knowledge and not go to lololand in school.It helps your body.You will make better grades in school.You could even get sick about it.They will be able to succeed in school and enter all cycles of sleep

  • I'm a kid

    We should not have a bed time this is because we should have extra time to do home work and we will also have time to do chores such as cooking and cleaning. We will also have other things such as practicing sports and I have to clean my dogs cage every day.

  • Kids should not have a bedtime

    Kids are controlled enough! Kids need time to complete their homework, take out the dog, finish a project whatever. Controlling them with bedtimes is just going to make them retaliate more than they already do. Letting kids choose their own bedtimes will make them feel like they have that individual freedom that our ancestors fought so hard to give to everyone. So at least give them the freedom of choosing when to go to bed.

  • More bed time

    Kids should have bed time because kids get mor emgry kids can do more work at school more good grades its makes kids not be grumpy and lets parents know kids are a sleep but you can a kids and they go to sleep when a kid is they go to sleep

  • No bedtimes kids

    Having no bedtime can be good for you cuse you could finesh stuff like homework and papers ,games, acimentes.Youcan finesh sports or books. You could wacht tv do math you can draw from book you could play aletronets and have fun and jump on your bed you can eat nsaks

  • So ask now.

    Ask today beucous staying up is fun you can play games.You can do any thing you want.You canplay with your puppy its fun.So you can ask but just have fun and you make sure you do that today.Just take control if you know what I mean so have some fun.

  • Kids should not have a bedtime!!!

    I think we should not have a bedtime! Because you will get to do more stuff. And stay up all night but some people say to have a early bedtime and they think you'll have more energy! But you'll get to have more fun and stuff like that fun stuff but they might be late for school and get and trouble

  • I think we should have a bedtime

    I think kids should have a bedtime, because kids who do not have a bad attitude.
    They need more energy for the day ahead of them. Some parents need help making there children go to bed but they do not now the solution
    it is a early bed time .I

  • No bedtime for kids!

    Kids should not have a bedtime created by adults. Kids need sleep that fits THEM, not their parents. And if kids create their own bedtime they will be more responsible. And yes, some kids will abuse this opportunity, I know I would've. But after a while seeing how tired they will get, they will choose a proper bedtime.

  • Though some kids may want to go to bed later I do agree with them, but...

    Kids should have a reasonably set bedtime but also have more slack and go to bed later, and also have a say in their bedtime as well. All kids need to be better trusted and allowed to have their own choice but you must draw a line somewhere. Kids need rights

  • No more bedtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We shouldn't have parent set bedtimes because it makes us responsible. If we don't learn how can we become better kids or teenagers.I just turned 13 and I am allowed to get a job from my neighbor. But the only thing I am no0t allowed to do, is not have a parents bedtime. HOW CAN I LEARN FROM MISTAKES IF THERE IS NONE!!!!!!

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