• Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones at School

    Kids should not have cell phones at school because first, kids will often forget to put the do not disturb button and the alarm will go off in the middle of class. Second, kids will sometimes look up answers to a test and use their phones for cheating. Also, in schools their are landline phones and on buses there is the radio. You won't have to use a phone during a emergency at school or on the bus. Next, kids should not read with cell phones and instead read a book. Staring into a bright light such as a cell phone can cause decreases in eyesight and other things. Kids also use cell phones to look up inappropriate videos on YouTube and chat with their friends which is very distracting in class when you are trying to learn. Lastly, when a cell phone get confiscated by a teacher or counseler it just provides another worry for parents at home. In conclusion, kids will do great in school with textbooks, their friends, and their mind. Kids do not and should not have cell phones at school.

  • Kids should have phones in school

    Kids should have phones in school because an emergency can happen at any time. No one wants there children going to school with there phones but, dose not call them in a emergency at school. So teachers let your students use there phones in class in case of an emergency.

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  • Kids should have phones in school

    Kids should have phones in school because an emergency can happen at any time. No one wants there children going to school with there phones but, dose not call them in a emergency at school. So teachers let your students use there phones in class in case of an emergency.

  • YES absoulutely Children should have their phones in the classroom

    A child feels a sence of wellness when he/she has their phone on them, sure a child will tend to mess around with it but having your phone in class should be a privlege that could be tooken away if not used with the correct handling,
    P.S it can also show the teacher which one of her students are responsible and who wasnt!!

  • Yes because phones can help in cause of a school shooter comes then u can call the cops

    You can also play on your phone when you are doe with your work or have free time. Playing music on your phone can help you do work. You can also call you're mom or someone and tell them to pick you up because you don't feel good. You can buy pizza for your class and they will become like eddy and come to ur house every damn day and yup hashahahhahahahaha\

  • It's A Good Resource

    Its a good resource because it can help struggling students with homework and they can also check their work to make sure it is correct. It also allows you to keep in contact with your parents. I personally think that we should allow phone in school for safety reasons and resource reasons. Thanks for Reading my Comment

  • We should have cell phones in schol

    We should have cell phones in school because if some thing happens you will need a cell phone to call for help. Cell phones are essential in the class room because it could be used for school work. :) :) :) :) :) :) ;( ;) :0 90 87 98

  • Phones in school!!!!:)

    We should have phones because we could contact parents and develop responsibility. Also when needed we can research for information.Phones can also be used for emergencys. Phones are important to an every day life. If we don't have phones things could go wrong and kids could get lost . Please phones

  • Cells are dead

    What happens if the phone dies or runs out of battery. The youth has to git up and walk to the outlet and plug it in. Then the teacher will yell at them and then he/she will get in trouble. And then they will find the childs parents and tell them he/she has been using their phone in the class.

  • Don't need them

    What are you even going to do with them. I am a student and I really think kids shouldn't have them. Yes I really do love my phone a lot. But you could make a bad grade in a important test and u could flunk it. And also it is unfair to kids who don't have phones. Say there is 25 kids in your class 10 of them don't have a phone a 15 of us did that that's not fair to the kids that have nothing to do. Your need to learn. I live to learn I am a geek. I have always had straight a's but if I took my phone oh I would have the worse grades ever. The lowest grade on my report card I have ever had was a 99 so ya. I am a geek. I get everything finshed. I always have homework so I get extra credit. That's why I think no should take their phone to school

  • Cellphones are a Complete Distraction!

    Kids do not use them for educational purposes- they use them for entertainment. Angry birds does not teach you about birds! Texting your friends in the middle of class is not necessary. They should be paying attention to the teacher. That is why I pay taxes for education. So that children are actually taught. Youth are coming out of school with atrocious handwriting, and have an inability to spell because of short form texting.

    If the parents need to get in touch with them- call the school! They will pass on the message, and you can use the school phone to respond. Kids didn't have them in schools 10 years ago, and we were all able wait for our parents to arrive to get us. Or god forbid, walk home!

    Having a cellphone is not a right, its a privilege. They can survive without it for a few hours a day.

  • People be like

    No people be like Let's face it- very few kids use a cell phone at school for emergencies or research. They are using them to talk to or text their friends, watch stupid videos on YouTube, and the like. It distracts from class time and is horrifyingly disrespectful to teachers and to students actually trying to LEARN in schools.
    Teachers in junior high and high schools should be able to do what I can in my university classes- every students leaves their cell phone in a basket on the front table, turned to mute or off, for the duration of the class and can pick them back up afterwards. Any student found using a cell phone during my class time gets kicked out.

  • Huge distraction to kids

    If kids have cell phones than they will try to use them during class they might also show other kids what they are doing and distract them to. Having cell phones would also cause the kids not to know what the teacher is trying to tell them and their grades would drop.

  • Teachers and parents can streamline data.

    If teachers and parents streamline data, it ends every problem with cell phones. However this costs a lot of money and the school will need more employees. But some people think that children will be uncomfortable knowing adults are monitoring their phones every second of the school day. What do you think?

  • No, not in the classroom.

    Kids should be allowed a cell phone for calling their parents or checking in or taking care of emergencies. This cell phone should be in the backpack or in a pocket where it can not be seen. As soon as it can be seen by a teacher in a class room, it should be taken for the rest of the period.

  • Texting and calling and games

    If kids have their cell phones out during class they could play games, text, and call when they should be listening to the teacher or doing work. Kids could also district other students when they are on their phones. Teachers jobs would be pointless and they would probly lose their jobs if their students are failing tests because they aren't paying attention in class.

  • It can be distracting to kids and others

    If a kid has a cell phone in school it will not help them at all! It can also trigger others to watch and get distracted. If kids have cell phones in school it will not get them to focus. So why would kids have phones in school? Herp derp

  • Not In The Classroom!

    A cell phone is a distraction, even for the best of students. For a special needs child, it is even worse. Having cell phones in the classroom is similar to the harm from second-hand smoke. By law, the government is required to provide an education to all children (incl. Those with disabilities). When cell phones are in the classroom, it is a hardship on these students (whether they have one or not). The best way to provide a good education for all is to keep the cell phones out of "learning areas" aka "the classroom". Students can keep them in their lockers. They can use them at lunch. But nobody needs to be using them "during class". It isn't appropriate.

    In closing, there is a big world out there. In that big world, there are colleges who will literally dock a student by an entire letter-grade for using a cell phone in class -- incl. Texting. There are jobs that will not permit an employee to use a cell phone, unless they are on break or at lunch. These are facts that need to be learned, before college or careers are started. If not at school, then where?

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AnonyFeline says2013-07-08T03:11:49.657
Inside the classroom, definitely not.

Outside the classroom, definitely.
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