• It teaches them important life tasks that they will do as adults

    Chores give kids an experience and insight about real life, that is a life where one must work to achieve order and cleanliness. It teaches them discipline and responsibility, they will learn that a house in not just a place to rest and mope about, it must be taken care of, kept orderly and maintained. Learning basic skills like cooking, cleaning, basic repair, feeding and bathing pets will be essential if they are to survive as adults. Without chores, they are inexperienced and lacking in basic home-care skills which will lead to a disorganized house and laziness. Everybody must have an equal part in housework.

    Posted by: GKY
  • It teaches them that life involves work

    This is exactly the problem with today's society. Nobody wants to work because they've never had to. Kids who do chores and do them consistently develop a work ethic that will serve them well when they enter the work force. Do the world and your kids a favor. Give them chores.

  • Another form of education.

    Just as school teaches them things they will need when they get older, so does chores. Some day, these kids will have homes of their own and will need skills on how to maintain them. Another thing is that if kids have to help clean the house, maybe they will try to make less of a mess. Can you imagine the home of someone who has never done household chores?

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  • They should learn to be neat and clean in their life.

    I believe chores are very important to a kids life. Having chores teach you to be responsible. For example, if you know your chore is to feed your pet, you should show you are responsible by doing it each day. Chores also help you to be neat. Whenever you play with something, you learn to put it back where you found it. Another reason for chores is good kids, is that it keeps you busy from being bored. When you are watching TV you are just staring at a screen. You are just sitting down and doing nothing. But if you are doing chores you are keeping yourself busy and you are doing something, not sitting there. In conclusion, chores are very important to a kids life.

  • Kids are kids

    I think that kids should not get chores because they are still growing and are young. They shouldnt have to worry about doing chores after school. Plus kids have homework and after school activities so chores are making kids days a lot longer. Kids should be able to relax. Kids are already stressed out about school so people give your kids a rest.

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