• If you forbid them, they'll go behind your back.

    You're probably wondering why they want Instagram. It's because all their friends have one. Do they have one? No. Let's say that their friends come over. They will always be on Instagram 24/7 then your kid will be bored half the time. Some will want one so badly they just might do it behind your back. Do you want that? No! Just give your kid a chance to prove themselves to you and know the dangers of the online world.

  • It's fine as long as they don't put any personal info (address etc.)

    I'm a 12 year old boy. I have instagram. I think it's ok for kids to have as long as they are responsible. Say your on instagram and you get a comment that says "hey I really like your posts, I'm your age and I want to meet you. Where do you live" from a stranger. Most of the time it isn't a kid. It's a man pretending to be a child. They are trying to kidnap the child. So never post your address or any other personal stuff and you should be fine

  • Kids should have a chance to express themselves

    Instagram is a way to share how you feel and meet new people and catch up with old friends and express yourself! I think all kids should have an opertunity for all of these things! I'm not going to lie, sometimes if you don't supervise Instagram it will get out of hand and they might follow some innapropriate people if they are not responsible. But just check it every now and then like I do with my daugter and things will be great! ABSALUTLY kids should have Instagram no doubt in my mind that it is amazing for a kid to have. It's a great social network kids need to be social!

  • It is safe

    You can use private settings, and block people who are not safe. You can also report people who are unsafe. I do think Instagram is safe for kids but I don't recommend this app for kids under 10. Don't let your 7 year old have one because it WILL gross them out. Just remember only follow people you no. Because once you let them follow you they can see all your pictures! If you are careful Instagram is safe

  • Monitoring and common sense are key.

    We live in a society that is based upon social media. I'm not claiming to like what the Internet has become. I'm just stating a fact. Our Internet and our world are becoming more and more dependent on social media. There multiple reasons why kids should be allowed to have insagr and other social medias: they're going to get them eventually. The more you tell your child no, the more they'll want it. Kids these days are smart enough to hide these things from you. Don't think that you are the only thing standing between your kid and Instagram. Also, soon, tho he like Instagram are going to be standard and your child will be left in the dust. Your child will feel left out and eventually, it may get bad enough to leave a permanent effect. Instagram isn't all bad. You should monitor your child and steer them away from the bad. Lastly, common sense is key. As long as your kid has a developed grasp of common sense, he/she will be just done on the Internet.

  • Everyone should be able to express themselves.

    Kids can talk with each other out of school. Kids that are home schooled should be able to interact with others. Kids can also talk with teachers . If kid's parents live far away they can still contact them. Kids can express themselves. Kids should be free to do all these things.

  • Kids Should Have Instagram

    I do not see a problem with kids having Instagram. Technology is increasing in society and you are naive if you think kids are not taking pictures of themselves and what they do just like everyone else. Kids have Tumblr and Facebook profiles, so I do not see why they cannot have Instagram as well.

  • Its fun! And its not DANGEROUS

    I am 12 years old and my parents will not let me have any social media apps or accounts. I dont see how instagram is a bad thing and I think I should be aloud to have it. I know other apps such as kik are simply places for predators to find there prey. All of my friends have instagram. Its huge! The reasoning for me not to have instagram was quite silly actually. Im not sad I dont have it. But I am not sure why I dont. I do think kids should be able to have it though. All it is is a place for kids to connect, chat, and talk. And besides ITS FUN!

  • Nude/inappropriate photos

    You won't find trouble unless you look for it. I've had an Instagram for 3 years now and I have only seen things that are inappropriate 2 times. Even then, for a thirteen year old (which is the minimum age requirement) it wasn't that bad. You will basically only find nude photos if you look for them. You also you should make sure you only follow the people you know and make sure you know the people following you. If you do that you won't run into anything too bad.

  • Yes kids should have instagram

    Instagram can be a inspiration the kids who look forward into being a photographer. Kids have a lot of fun just taking photos and they could think its their own art. Instagram is just a fun way to connect with your friends. As far as I have seen Instagram hasn't been bad. If you are worried about creepy people you can block them if they ask to follow you. There is a privacy setting where only your friends can see your pictures. If you have the privacy setting Instagram is a safe place.

  • There are creeps out there

    It is certainly not safe for kids under 14! I cant believe there are more votes on yes than on no! I chose NO because my parents didnt let me and like I said, THERE ARE CREEPS OUT THERE LOOKING! Creeps are mostly looking for little girls! Now I hope that there will be more people changing their minds because of what I said.

  • Someone said, "You want them to have a social life don't you?" Uh, YEAH. Pick up the phone or better yet, GO OUTSIDE and play!

    Reposting from an earlier post, "It is an issue of privacy and security. I would not want my child ending up in a dangerous situation like that. It has occurred that I have come across many explicit things that I wouldn't imagine kids would even dreaming of doing. I do not think Instagram is a good thing your child should be exposed to in the long run their can be cyberbullying and many other problems."

    Also, I noticed that many of the YES votes to the left were voted by children.

  • Kids shouldn't have an Instagram.

    Why? Children who have Instagram that are under the age of 13 shouldn't be eligible for social networking without parental supervision. Did you know the creators can (even after you delete a photo) access your account and use your photo and turn it against you? Children don't realize the consequences of giving away too much information that can affect their safety. Cyber bullying is in effect and the pictures they post may seem harmless, but in reality can lead to trouble.

  • Instagram has lots of innapropriate content and isn't as safe as people think it is.

    As a long time user of Instagram I have seen plenty of unsuitable content for children, and by unsuitable content I mean foul language, nudity, and other foul talk. The Instagram terms and conditions clearly state that anyone under the age of 13 should not have an Instagram profile, and even then 13 is almost too young. Instagram also isn't as safe as facebook, there aren't as many privacy settings. People say that it's harmless photo sharing, but photos are shared to people all over the world. Kids aren't as smart as adults when it comes to social networking sites and aren't as cautious about who they interact with. There are plenty of predators on Instagram. I've seen many profiles of younger kids listing information such as their school, their email, their phone number, even where they live. Instagram isn't as safe as some people think it is.

  • No! No! No!

    Say no to Instagram! Seriously parents, you are actually letting your child(ren) use this very public site. On Instagram you can post and look at pictures of anything and everything (I'm not exaggerating). You can block television channels & websites on the internet but you cannot block the accounts they look at on Instagram (unless you hover over them every minute of their life, which isn't fun for either of you). Say no to Instagram!

  • Being a 13 year old kid without an Instagram is hard.

    All of my friends have Instagram's and I don't, I miss out on a couple minor things, but not to much. The ting that really annoys me is that when I am hanging out with some of my friends they are always on there Instagram's. I get annoyed with Instagram because it has the power to suck people out of the real world and into a world that is not safe for kids.

  • Nobody should have Instagram.

    It's a pretty terrible social network. It is frequented by idiots that think they are photographers, and the endless selfies are excruciating to see. It was briefly a good photography sharing platform, but eventually the mainstream Facebook crowd got into it... The idea isn't that bad, but a bad community makes it unusable at times.

  • Instagram Is not appropriate

    Instagram can sometimes have very inappropriate stuff on it. Your child can get influenced badly if they start to use bad words. Do you rally want that? At least wait till the kid is about fourteen and matured. Then she/he will probably know what's good and bad. I hope you agree.

  • No, kids don't need instagram

    I'm a 7th grade girl and I have tons of friends that have Instagram. I say that you have to be at the age limit. The only reason that I want one is to keep contact with my friends when I move. I have one friend that is not allowed to have pictures of herself on Instagram. I have another friend that has very strange pictures on her account( I'm not sure about that but it's probably true. There is no need for Instagram. The only people that should be on it should be 13 or older.

  • Parents won't let me nor me

    I'm a teen and EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE I know has an Instagram. My friends or new friends will always ask me what my Instagram is and when they find out I don't have one it makes me feel like an outsider and not part of social acceptance. Though I do want to say all the kids who have an account are increasingly self-conscious. Also, I've seen some very hateful things on Instagram my friends have showed me as they are hooked on it 24/7. I mean go outside and PLAY!! What do you think normal kids did in the 1970's? I mean as I do feel cast out without an Instagram account I appreciate in not having one. I don't want my confidence level decreasing dramatically nor my eyes on my phone 24/7 obsessing with how many followers I have compared rot he next girl.

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Anonymous says2013-06-23T04:53:41.073
Enter Instagram and…All Aboard! If you have a tween, she’s on Instagram or badgering you daily for an account. (While girls are more likely to be active on their Instagram accounts, boys use them, too, but often with less dedication.) If your child wants an Instagram account but you haven’t said yes, both you and your kid could be missing out.

Most moms I know lump Instagram into one of these categories:

A) Pointless social media app that lets kids share pictures. Big deal.

B) Growling social monster that eats up our kids’ self-esteem, making them uncharacteristically mean, weak for approval, pathetically brand conscious, and limp with self-pity.

I’d like to offer an alternative view:

C) Creative communication tool kids use to express their interests and concerns, and powerful parenting tool to stay connected with kids when they begin to pull away during the tween years.

When kids become tweens, they begin the important job of developing an identity apart from their parents. Social media is a great way to witness your child’s developing values, humor, relationships, interests, and concerns. It gives you the opportunity to talk about things that truly interest your kid. Perhaps you notice on your daughter’s account several posts of hockey pictures. You never knew she even liked hockey! Maybe she has a new found genuine interest, or maybe the cute boy in fourth block plays hockey and she’s quick to seem a fan. Either way, seeing a new trend allows you to open up casual conversations that could lead to bigger topics.

Some of you are thinking, fine, it’s one thing to see pictures of hockey, or horses, or even a shirtless Liam Hemsworth, but I’m concerned about the far less innocent things my kid might see – or post – online. What kinds of things are we talking about? Beauty contests in which kids rank each other based on appearance. Spongebob dropping the F-bomb. A middle school couple kissing. A cartoon marijuana leaf. An expression of self-hatred.
I understand that you don’t want your kid to see any of these things. But it is a fact that without an Instagram account, your kid will STILL see these images on a friend’s phone or iPad. The bummer is that you will not see them. And because you will not see them you will miss the opportunity to talk about them with your child, leaving her to process the experience alone (or through the comments of her peers.)

Here are some guilines:

Before you give your kid access to any new technology, let her know you must have her password, and you can browse through the content at any time.
In return, promise to never comment on your kid’s posts, or her friend’s posts, online. If something catches your attention and warrants a conversation, promise you will have it privately.
Most importantly, promise you will have this conversation calmly and rationally. The moment you flip out because you saw something inappropriate on Instagram is the moment your kid resolves never to tell you anything important again. Quite possibly, this is followed by the moment she creates a new Instagram account under a disguised name.
Don’t comment often. Truly, this is her new playground and she won’t want you hovering there constantly. Save the comments for serious issues of safety or morality and let the rest of it slide. She’s just trying to figure things out so whenever possible, default to cutting her some slack.
Be sure the geotagging/mapping feature is turned off on Instagram. This means pictures your kid posts will not identify her location.
Do not allow your kid to post any photos with your home address or activity locations obviously displayed.
When naming her account, tell your child to use her first and middle name only, or a nickname (SoccerStar2000) but not her last name.
Have a conversation with your kid about collecting “likes”. Some kids use Instagram as a way to campaign for popularity. They enter “beauty contests” or beg for more “likes” on their posts. Ask questions that encourage critical thinking like “Why would a girl want to be evaluated on her beauty by a bunch of people she doesn’t know?” “How do you think the lowest ranked girls feel?” ” What would happen if you and a friend posted the same picture but hers got more likes?”
Encourage your kid to devote an Instagram account to a hobby or theme she loves. My daughter, for example, loves Harry Potter and Hunger Games, so she has an Instagram account devoted to the books and films. No one even knows she manages the account and one of the actresses in the newest Hunger Games movie gave her a compliment on Instagram, which made her day, week, LIFE. Her experience is not about collecting likes from peers, it’s about celebrating her favorite stories with fans who feel the same way. Full disclosure, she has a personal account, too, so we’ve covered all the points above.
Encourage creativity. There are lots of apps your kid can download to make edits. Rather than just posting “selfies” (a picture she takes of herself, often with a weird duck-faced expression), or reposting what others have made, your kid can become an experienced young graphic designer, selecting images, quotes, and treatments to convey her personal style.
BEM1019 says2013-11-08T02:06:15.117
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BEM1019 says2013-11-08T02:09:07.907
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