• Kids' time to be kids is being stolen.

    They go to school as if it was a full time job. High school maybe, but elementary really?
    There's no time for other activities.
    I can't keep my first grader in dance and soccer because she's so tired and school is so long and by the time those activities are over she's exhausted and I have to rush with homeworker time and diner and get her brother and sister ready as well.

  • Less hours of school

    We should have less hours of school because we have to handle a lot of stress when were in school and its not fair to students who have to come home and already deal with that.I also think that because we need more time with are family right away i for once think that coming home to our families is a great thing to our heart please read and like please love 11 year old girl

  • Kids get raped by costodens.

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  • Soo much hw

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  • We do not have time to play

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  • We do not have time to play

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  • They should have less hours of school

    I think they should have less hours of school because you have to rush and there tired when they get home there's no time for other activities when they do go there always tried.
    They also should have less hours because they have so much homework even though there in school for seven hours and they rush and there tired. That is why they need lees school hours.

  • We r so tiared

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  • Too many hours

    It should have less hours because it gives the kids a tired emotion, losing focus, and the time where parents might be worried when it increases. Less hours mean lower grades, yet will be more focused on what to do. Like if you start at 9 am to 3 pm, parents would be less worried, yet will be tired, too.

  • How about time off

    At work we get days off and can change shifts. You can't really do that at schools. Yes it might help our worldwide rank, but it may pull the rank down if kids get tired. New standards are torture. I'm glad the ones here end on the 28th. The adults shouldn't be the only ones who decide. Remember the british? Only people in power have any kind of say. That's exactly how you are treating the kids. They don't get any say while you can throw them around. More school means more time for bullies and other stuff. Maybe lighten the day by 15 minutes, you may see improvements. You can't yell to a kid to memorize facts for a test that shows country ranking. Think of it like inflating a balloon. You can get smarter, until eventually you can't take it anymore (the balloon popping).

  • The hours are not the problem.

    The hours children are in school is not the problem. The problem is what the children are doing while they are in school. so much time is wasted watching movies and playing games. If that time were better used for learning the curriculum the extra school hours would not be needed.

  • We are in school for a REASON!

    In fact, I believe we need more hours of school. Today America is ranked 17th in science and 15th in math! Having. A good education is one of the many things that can help improve this. Taking this precious time that we could be using for education and wasting it for other activities may lower it!

  • Nope they should not

    Yo bruv we should go in school at 10 and at 1.30 only on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and have Friday Saturday Sunday and a weekend init because we are always tired when we come back and we cant do any other thing or even are home work init bruv rant over ffs

  • It is fine

    Everyone goes to school and no one hates it people want it to be shorter but it is honestly just fine we should stick with the regular days and hours because they will help us a lot in life and help us strive in college there is no perfectly good reason that school should be shorter

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