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It makes it harder for kids to get back on track to learn, and less time to learn all together.

  I think 15mins. Is perfect because kids are out for an appropriate amount of time to be freshened up to clear their minds. If you make a longer recess, kids will find it hard to get back on track to learn whatever subject is for that current place in time. ~Charcoal the Shadow Animatronic
swagman218 says2016-03-01T20:39:50.497
You dum dum 😡😡😡😡
Lmlmlers says2016-10-05T18:46:54.180
Wh do yall fell this way we need more recess
isarica_2001 says2017-01-04T19:13:33.953
Kids don't need to have their brain closed in study, they should have more break, social life is also important
Tiger_Lily says2017-01-14T09:58:44.247
15 mins is a bit too short.
Tiger_Lily says2017-01-14T10:11:18.473
But your reasoning was good
SimoneBiles12345612345 says2017-03-01T19:55:08.567
How long is your school day?
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