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Yes they should

  Kids should get more recess time because it burns more of there energy and so there not so hiper during class.If they get less recess time they might get into trouble from someone by being hiper at class like jumping and running around.But there is a problem ;it eats up time for working and lessons.
swagman218 says2016-03-02T19:57:03.623
Dats rad yo
swagman218 says2016-03-02T19:57:37.023
Dats rad yo
RemyBoyz02 says2016-03-04T17:27:56.670
You dookie
RemyBoyz02 says2016-03-04T17:28:42.020
Jk thats right
Lmlmlers says2016-10-04T14:20:38.953
I feel the same way
Tiger_Lily says2017-01-14T10:05:00.407
Well said
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