• Students should have more Recess!!!!

    My reasons for having more recess are it helps social skills, physical skills, and Excercise. My school has only 15 minutes of recess and I am making my second essay on why my school should have extra recess and other schools. People who want to stay inside and be a couch potato are crazy recess helps with a lot of things like I stated above.

  • Yessssss!!!!!! We should have moreee recesss

    Why??,because kids love recess and this is for the kids at home who cant go outside.People should have more recess because kids at home never get to go outside but in school they can because i think recess is for kids who cant go outside at home so they make it so that other kids can have it in school.But we should have more extra recess because kids would need to let their energy out so they don't get into any trouble in class for jumping,running,cussing when u can do all that at school.

  • Students should have more recess!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You nos are wrong they need more recess to concentrate in class it makes them more active it gives them more energy for working out their sums if they get less recess they won't be able to concentrate so they need more recess aka I'm a kid so more recess

  • Students should get recess because they need to refresh their brains, lose energy, and other things that would help them in school.

    I think students in Middle school should get recess because it will give them many benefits.

    My first reason is if kids are too hyper in class, they will not work well in class. My piece of evidence is “...Kids who had at least 15 minutes of recess a day (even just 15 minutes!) behaved better in class”. Another piece of evidence I have is “Research shows it actually will help them learn better in school.” My first piece of evidence shows that students that get even a little amount of recess behave a lot more. My second piece of evidence is important because if a kid gets recess than they will learn a lot better. Thes are some of the reasons why I think kids should get recess. My second piece of evidence is if kids do not refresh their brains, they will get too overwhelmed and not work as well as they would have if their brain was refreshed. My quote is “...Recess allows their brain to rest and recharge before being fed with new information.” This is important to the claim because the quote shows that students should get a rest and recharge to function better.

    In this paragraph, I will show more reasons why kids should get the recess they need. Another reason I have recesses is very healthy for them because they exercise more and have a lot of fun doing it. My first piece of evidence to support my reason is “Exercise is healthy. Many children suffer from obesity, but even children at healthy weight levels benefit from physical activity, and in fact, require it for optimal health. The outdoors is the best place for children to burn calories, practice emerging physical skills and experience the pure joy of movement.” My other piece of evidence supporting my reasoning is “Playing involves a lot of movement and physical skills which helps in maintaining optimal health.” My first piece of evidence is important because they get healthy from it and gives them many benefits. My second piece of evidence is very important because it shows that it helps maintain optimal health. These are the reasons why I think students should get more recess.

  • We need recess

    We need recess because when we spend to much time on work we can get a head ack and we dont't that so then we can go out side and get some fresh air and make our head ack go away ahh fresh air now my haed ack went away

  • Kids need a time to get their energy out!

    Children big and small continue to need outdoors time and fresh air. In Finland the average first grader will spend 22.5 hours (4.5 hours a day) in school, here in America the average first grader will spend up to 35 hours a week (7 hours a day) in school without a "play" break. Each student develops differently some mentally, physically, and/or emotionally, they need times to use their growing muscles and use their energy.

    Posted by: sbb
  • Recess is the BEST! (Apart from lunch time)

    Being in the sunlight help power up part of our brain, the pineal gland. It is super duper fun for the kids to play and talk with and to our friends for longer. Everyone benefits from a break. Research dating back to the late 1800s indicates that people learn better and faster when their efforts are distributed, rather than concentrated.

  • Yes, pupils should have extended recess

    Children would be able to get out and stretch their muscles, as it isn't healthy to be cooped up in a stuffy classroom. Plus, many children need a chance to socialize with others. Also, when they have to eat their snack, they might not eat it because they want to play, and simply throw away the food, or just not eat it.

  • Yes because of

    Recess helps kids lower the energy level so they focus better in class along with lowering obesity by helping them shave off unneaded callories letting them move more freely and letting them have a little fun swaring might be bad but if you have teachers patroling there will be none of this hated thing

  • Being outside is good.

    Parents always tell kids that being outside is good for you and your health. So the kids would be outside more and the kids parents would be happy that your getting to be outside more.So that is my reason why kids should get extra recess. I say yes for extra recess.

  • It makes it harder for kids to get back on track to learn, and less time to learn all together.

    I think 15mins. Is perfect because kids are out for an appropriate amount of time to be freshened up to clear their minds. If you make a longer recess, kids will find it hard to get back on track to learn whatever subject is for that current place in time.
    ~Charcoal the Shadow Animatronic

  • Hi what's up

    I think there should be shorter recess because kids could get hurt, they could get frostbite, they could get heatstroke, or they could not like outside. They might not be able to afford winter clothing, summer clothing, fall clothing, etc. they might get bullied and that's no fun either. Shorter recess is better

  • I think YES because of the following:

    1.Recess should be longer because it helps kids to calm down,so that they don't go bananas in class, to NOT get in trouble. 2.Recess allows kids to communicate to each other, such as to talk to friends without worrying about time. 3.Recess allows teachers to have longer time to grade tests,essays, etc.
    This is why I think recess should be extended.;)

  • I like recess

    We have to get longer recess because it can help your mind think and not get angry in the class also we need more recess is that it helps you calm down and helps your body get a lot of exerise and that you won't get fat and that is why we need a lot of recess

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    Kids must have a longer recess so they can learn how to noscope people and also be Thug Life also kids (im a kid) eat Doritos. Teachers JUST DO IT Dont let your dreams be dreams. Also we need to build a wall around the school because all principals are part of the Illuminati, (drink mountain dew) the people who made this website are probably TRIGGERED im Donald Trump and I approve of this message.

  • Recess should stay the same time!

    Well in recess there's more advantage in swearing, fighting, getting bullied and a whole other bunch of crap! They're can also be injury's like broken arms. When trying to do par core on stuff to show off and people can just be mean for no apparent reason am i right!

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  • Less is the best

    Recess is a place where bullies find the chance to strike. Kids can get extreamly hurt. It also makes them lose learning time. Also it prepares us for middle school. We need it to stop. We need to know that school is not for fun but for us to learn new and different things.

  • Less is the best

    Recess is a place where bullies find the chance to strike. Kids can get extreamly hurt. It also makes them lose learning time. Also it prepares us for middle school. We need it to stop. We need to know that school is not for fun but for us to learn new and different things.

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