• We need a longer recess!!! Longer recess for sure!!

    I think longer recess because kids even in 8th grade get way to hyper sitting in a classroom all day. I think recess should be longer so that kids can meet new kids that maybe they never payed attention to before because they had such a short recess and they wanted to hang out with their best friends. Kids should get a longer recess for sure.

  • I think kids should have a longer recess

    This will help them be more active. And if they have more time they will work more. Kids should have at least 1 hour to play and get there energy out. I truly believe that kids should have a longer recess. One hour or at least 50 minutes. You should try this.

  • Yes they should

    Kids should get more recess time because it burns more of there energy and so there not so hiper during class.If they get less recess time they might get into trouble from someone by being hiper at class like jumping and running around.But there is a problem ;it eats up time for working and lessons.

  • Recess is the BEAST

    Recess to me means that kids can have fun. 6th graders should have recess too. How are kids suppose to get 1 hour of play a day. How are you suppose to get that with out RECESS. Just think of those questions. If your son/daughter you would want your child to have recess to.

  • No recess cause of problems

    I say this because of al the problems it causes. A lot of these problems are bullying ,chaos , and children getting hurt. Friends get broken up and the aftermath is destructive. Recess is like a war; it causes destruction And the aftermath is usually not so pretty .This is way I say less recess time.

  • I think kids do because...

    It cuts down on obesity and it helps kids get out their energy so the teacher is not yelling at them during reading time or what is after recess and it helps them learn and focus. It also gives the teacher time to think about what the class will do after recess and eat lunch without anyone bugging them.

  • There should be longer recess

    There should be longer recess because it lets kids be more active. At some schools lunch is after recess and if they don't get there energy out during recess kids will talk and wont eat. And if kids have longer recess it's better for there brain which makes them smarter and thats better in the long run. Thank you for listening

  • More recess now

    I think that kids should have more recess because it lets kids let out there energy so they can then come into class and be out of energy which is good so they can then focus on there work and also it lets kids talk to other kids and they can also play with other kids which is fun!!!!

  • Need more recess

    They need more recess because they get in trouble for getting up in class. Kid should get 1 hour of recess. Or they should have more gym like very day classes so they can more around some classes like gym,drama,grade recess and more. Moving around helps the body as well as the brain.

  • Longer School Recess

    I think students at school should have longer recess, because it is a good thing in many ways. Here I have list some reasons:
    -More exercise
    More recess gives kids more exercise. The shorter they make recess the less exercise our kids get. Plus if we get longer recess it will increase or skill level and could even lead to big careers in the future with sports. So therfore, I think kids should get a longer recess. Thank you for your time!

  • It makes it harder for kids to get back on track to learn, and less time to learn all together.

    I think 15mins. Is perfect because kids are out for an appropriate amount of time to be freshened up to clear their minds. If you make a longer recess, kids will find it hard to get back on track to learn whatever subject is for that current place in time.
    ~Charcoal the Shadow Animatronic

  • Hi what's up

    I think there should be shorter recess because kids could get hurt, they could get frostbite, they could get heatstroke, or they could not like outside. They might not be able to afford winter clothing, summer clothing, fall clothing, etc. they might get bullied and that's no fun either. Shorter recess is better

  • I think YES because of the following:

    1.Recess should be longer because it helps kids to calm down,so that they don't go bananas in class, to NOT get in trouble. 2.Recess allows kids to communicate to each other, such as to talk to friends without worrying about time. 3.Recess allows teachers to have longer time to grade tests,essays, etc.
    This is why I think recess should be extended.;)

  • I like recess

    We have to get longer recess because it can help your mind think and not get angry in the class also we need more recess is that it helps you calm down and helps your body get a lot of exerise and that you won't get fat and that is why we need a lot of recess

  • Dank memes mlg

    Kids must have a longer recess so they can learn how to noscope people and also be Thug Life also kids (im a kid) eat Doritos. Teachers JUST DO IT Dont let your dreams be dreams. Also we need to build a wall around the school because all principals are part of the Illuminati, (drink mountain dew) the people who made this website are probably TRIGGERED im Donald Trump and I approve of this message.

  • Less is the best

    Recess is a place where bullies find the chance to strike. Kids can get extreamly hurt. It also makes them lose learning time. Also it prepares us for middle school. We need it to stop. We need to know that school is not for fun but for us to learn new and different things.

  • Less is the best

    Recess is a place where bullies find the chance to strike. Kids can get extreamly hurt. It also makes them lose learning time. Also it prepares us for middle school. We need it to stop. We need to know that school is not for fun but for us to learn new and different things.

  • Recess should stay the same time!

    Well in recess there's more advantage in swearing, fighting, getting bullied and a whole other bunch of crap! They're can also be injury's like broken arms. When trying to do par core on stuff to show off and people can just be mean for no apparent reason am i right!

  • Way less recess

    I completely agree with less recess because it gives kids more time to learn and they focus more. Also in higher grades they don't even get morning recess. Kids can get hurt and bullied during recess. Most bullies strike during recess. P.E. Teachers should increase the normal P.E time instead.

  • The amount at recess should stay the same

    More recess means more time in school. More time in school means less time to be able to finish our homework. Also kids might have practices they need to go to and they won't be able to get there. There can also be a lot of kids getting injured. You may also be able to advance your grade in school

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