• We need phone and :)

    Because kids needs to start being more creative and have more fun in life.They are starting to grow up and will be more responsible with their phones and iPads.And parents should stop spying and bugging them ALL the time.And if you get them one they will stop beging you all the time.

  • Yes because kids should use it to help them in school and at home

    You can use it to take pictures if you are not with you parents and forgot your camera. You will also be able to call 911 if you are not with your parents. A phone can be a massive responsibility,you would have to keep it safe for a long time.So in conclusion 9year old and over should have phones.

  • In case of emergencies

    They all should have the firefly cellphone, or one similar to it. It only has a few numbers on it and a big red button for 911. No child should be playing around on a iPhone though, that is absurd. What are these children going to text their friends? "Hi I liked your drawing today" No wtf. The parents who spoil their child with something like that are really irresponsible. Letting a child take care of something so expensive. Tisk tisk.

  • Yes because its important

    Because its can help kids out and it can provide calcuators, word map, google and a bunch of things in school and at home. I think kids 9 and older should have phones but they shouldnt be allowed social media until they are a bit older for social reasons. In conclusion i think they should.

  • Depends on age

    No there is a negative affect of phones, children can have a way to contacts there parent without there own phones, there re many devices to help stay in contact with parents without the harmful affects of phones such as cyber bullying and the access of the harmful thing on the internet

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