• UM YEAHHHHHHH We need smart phones

    Kids are oppressed by our society. I am speaking on be half of all the kids out there. We deserve smartphones. I have a smartphone and I use it for everything. It is great because I can text and calculator and social media. So yeah kids need smartphones because they are fun and I like them.

  • Kids should have smartphones

    The reason i'm saying that kids should have smartphones is that it fun to learn with technology. They could also communicate withe their classmates. And e-mail homework or class work to their teacher. The could also use it for social media to make new friends. Yeah i think that kids should have smartphones.

  • If They're Lost

    If your child is lost there are certain app (like hangouts) that let them share where they are at that exact time. Also if a kid gets lost they can walk home themselves with a navigation app. So would you like to keep your kid safe or not? You decide.

  • Kids should have smartphones

    The reason i'm saying that kids should have smartphones is that it fun to learn with technology. They could also communicate withe their classmates. And e-mail homework or class work to their teacher. The could also use it for social media to make new friends. Yeah i think that kids should have smartphones.

  • A simple answer!

    It's stupid not to. I'm like seriously. Why not? What if you child gets lost or forgotten some where. You could just text him/her where you are and they'll come find you. You can also download games to help your child with math, spelling, and other things that they struggle with. So why not? You tell me?

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Instead of having an iPod for music, a tablet for games, and what i call a "dinky little flip phone" for talk and text, kids should have one device that does all three. Instead of having to press buttons multiple times to text, smartphones allow voice dictating and hands-free texting.

  • Yep they need smartphones

    Kids do need smart phones to communicate with apps that their friends have so that they have a better reputation, also in the future everything is hanna be smart this and smart that..... And its a good time to give them this because its the age in which you learn the most..... And honestly, they need to learn how to make their future better.

  • Atleast give them a cell phone it's self. Why not a smart phone?

    So, It may be true that, "Oh they are time consuming" and "Expensive" and Possibly the kid has some other device that the parents want their child to be grateful for. I myself, am giving one of those slide phones that you literally have to punch the keyboard to get it to type. And an iPod 3rd Generation. Which, doesn't even let me get very much of social Media. I'm not going to give you some dumb excuse saying "oh they are for emergency's and oh they can call if anything goes wrong" Which although, can be handy if you are asking for your very first phone.

    I could go on and on. But I say Yes. Not Children, or Kids but "Tweens" as in like 11,12, 13 middle school ages, because there is more clubs, and activitys, and hanging out more with your friends.

  • It's the world when they grow up.

    When kids grow up, smart devices will be the way most of the way the world works. So why keep them away from smart devices if the future will just be smart phones and tablets everywhere. (Especially in the 2020's and 2030's.) They'll probably buy one when they have a job anyways.

  • Smart phones are important to kids!

    I'm 13 and my parents won't get me a smartphone. I just have a normal keypad phone , and I feel ashamed of taking it out in front of everyone ! I feel that If parents have smartphone then why can't we get it. They feel that if I get a smartphone then I'll not concentrate on my studies and they feel that I maybe misuse it .But I fell very bad when I see my classmates and even kids smaller than me having their own iPhone or samsung galaxy note 3 . In school most of the people judge how cool you are on the mobile you have, but my parents don't understand .My friend alway ask me to come on whatsapp but I always have the same reply that I don't have a smartphone .

  • They rob us

    As a middle schooler, I can say that almost all of my grade has a smartphone. Those people all score low on tests. I disagree with the testing mantra but it's the way the cookie crumbles. They are all addicted. I hate people that have smart phones and they constantly pressure people to get smartphones. Not to mention the increased risk of obesity, porn addiction, social isolation,, et cetera et cetera.

  • There is no need

    I'm an 11 year with a phone but I find that it ruins friendships because some kids would rather play on their phone, take pictures or make music.Ly. I have controlled myself to make sure to limit myself so I can spend time doing better stuff, like going outside or playing games

  • Phones are too expensive.

    Kids should not get phones because they are too expensive. A phone itself cost around $500 and the monthly fees are around $70. Kids don't have that much money and parents are not going to waste all that money for one phone. Because of this, phones are too expensive. Yep. Deal With It.

  • I didn't have one and I survived

    I am a 8th grader female who never had a phone, and I'm fine. Their are also many online predators who can harm children. They are also still developing. Maybe wait until High school. It is a big responsibility too. Hopefully many young children don't have smart hones in the future.

  • They are to young

    If we give or buy smart phone to children, it causes them to get less sleep but if they have less sleep, children health will be harmful.Also it alter the parent-child relationship. Then the parent could be sad.Theat all of my support argument. Kids should not get smartphone. Never ever

  • They're too young

    Kids should not have smartphones because waaay too young to be getting I think that kids should be kids at least that was how it was when I was a kid and now 16 year old now I do have one, but that is because I am old enough and have two school sports. But when I am going home I always see kids with smartphones this a pet peeve of mine because they are so young.

  • Please wait to get your kids smartphones

    Speaking as a teen (13) i wish i would have waited to get any sort of technology because in a way it corrupted my early childhood. I wish that i could of waited as long as i could because when you have access to everything it brainwashes you in a way instead of freely thinking when you are a kid. When i was younger i saw that most girls wanted to act and look "tumblr" so i did what i saw and tried to look and act like the others and i realize now that thats not who i am and i was acting for all those years to try and fit in.

  • Hue hue hue

    Im a banana bus that trolls ppl everywhere mwahahahahaha hue hue hue im also secretly vanilla bean who is waiting so i can become an ice cream. Ppl also say im ginger bread idek anymore welp i love u and kpop a nd anime and all that good stuff bye

  • No. They are terrible

    I am a teen girl and I really don't think children should have iPhones or Samsungs. If they want to listen to music, give them an old iPod. What social media does to kids is absurd. Many of these sites promote bad things like drugs and alcohol. Social media also advertises when kids hang out, making the kids who weren't included feel bad. (I know that for a fact.) Cyberbullying is also a problem. I literally JUST got a message, while I was typing this, downgrading another child. So overall, parents, I would wait to give your kids smartphones. It's for their own good.

  • They are too attached to their phones!

    Some might say that I chose no because I don't have a smartphone. My classmates make fun of me and feel bad for me because I don't have one. My school doesn't allow phones to be out during the school day but they are too obsessed with their phones they break the school rules and uses them. BTW staring at your phone screen can literally make your brain shrink. It will make you dumb because now you relly on your phone so much you don't even have common sence. So no kids shouldn't own phones

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