• UM YEAHHHHHHH We need smart phones

    Kids are oppressed by our society. I am speaking on be half of all the kids out there. We deserve smartphones. I have a smartphone and I use it for everything. It is great because I can text and calculator and social media. So yeah kids need smartphones because they are fun and I like them.

  • Kids should have smartphones

    The reason i'm saying that kids should have smartphones is that it fun to learn with technology. They could also communicate withe their classmates. And e-mail homework or class work to their teacher. The could also use it for social media to make new friends. Yeah i think that kids should have smartphones.

  • If They're Lost

    If your child is lost there are certain app (like hangouts) that let them share where they are at that exact time. Also if a kid gets lost they can walk home themselves with a navigation app. So would you like to keep your kid safe or not? You decide.

  • Kids should have smartphones

    The reason i'm saying that kids should have smartphones is that it fun to learn with technology. They could also communicate withe their classmates. And e-mail homework or class work to their teacher. The could also use it for social media to make new friends. Yeah i think that kids should have smartphones.

  • A simple answer!

    It's stupid not to. I'm like seriously. Why not? What if you child gets lost or forgotten some where. You could just text him/her where you are and they'll come find you. You can also download games to help your child with math, spelling, and other things that they struggle with. So why not? You tell me?

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Instead of having an iPod for music, a tablet for games, and what i call a "dinky little flip phone" for talk and text, kids should have one device that does all three. Instead of having to press buttons multiple times to text, smartphones allow voice dictating and hands-free texting.

  • Yep they need smartphones

    Kids do need smart phones to communicate with apps that their friends have so that they have a better reputation, also in the future everything is hanna be smart this and smart that..... And its a good time to give them this because its the age in which you learn the most..... And honestly, they need to learn how to make their future better.

  • Atleast give them a cell phone it's self. Why not a smart phone?

    So, It may be true that, "Oh they are time consuming" and "Expensive" and Possibly the kid has some other device that the parents want their child to be grateful for. I myself, am giving one of those slide phones that you literally have to punch the keyboard to get it to type. And an iPod 3rd Generation. Which, doesn't even let me get very much of social Media. I'm not going to give you some dumb excuse saying "oh they are for emergency's and oh they can call if anything goes wrong" Which although, can be handy if you are asking for your very first phone.

    I could go on and on. But I say Yes. Not Children, or Kids but "Tweens" as in like 11,12, 13 middle school ages, because there is more clubs, and activitys, and hanging out more with your friends.

  • It's the world when they grow up.

    When kids grow up, smart devices will be the way most of the way the world works. So why keep them away from smart devices if the future will just be smart phones and tablets everywhere. (Especially in the 2020's and 2030's.) They'll probably buy one when they have a job anyways.

  • Smart phones are important to kids!

    I'm 13 and my parents won't get me a smartphone. I just have a normal keypad phone , and I feel ashamed of taking it out in front of everyone ! I feel that If parents have smartphone then why can't we get it. They feel that if I get a smartphone then I'll not concentrate on my studies and they feel that I maybe misuse it .But I fell very bad when I see my classmates and even kids smaller than me having their own iPhone or samsung galaxy note 3 . In school most of the people judge how cool you are on the mobile you have, but my parents don't understand .My friend alway ask me to come on whatsapp but I always have the same reply that I don't have a smartphone .

  • Kids should not have phones.

    Kids should not be allowed to have smartphones because the smartphone could blow up in their hand. That would be really sad. I dont think that kids should have smartphones because people could bully the and that would also be really sad. Lets not have smartphones for kids and make the world a better place.

  • Bet you could live without!

    Smartphones are too pricey. You really don't need one. They also hurt your eyes and you might get a seizure or you'll have to get glasses as a result. For me, and I'm ten, they're too much of a responsibility. So I can't text, Just spill when you get to school. I understand when your a adult because your probably moved out and if something really bad happens you need to call. I read to entertain myself so I'm good.

  • No smart phones

    It’s fine to want a phone and i understand the fact that it’s what everyone has and no one wants to be different but along with all of the other amazing reasons above it really increases people’s chance for depression, anorexia, anxiety and many more mental health issues. Why would you subject your children to that? Why would you help them get addicted. I really hope this convinces some people to take mental health more seriously and help people stop addictions like smart phones before they start

  • No kid should have smartphones

    Kids should not have smartphones because they will do bad stuff on the phone like look up porn. So thats why kids should not have phone and they are young of coures and plus no parents want to pay $300 fees. But no parent wants a person to lure there son or daughter so no phnes for kids

  • Phones are stupid

    The first reason why kids should not have smartphone because smartphone overuse may damage eyes. Opticians say kids spent too much time on smartphone. They may be increasing their risk of eyes damage. They are warning overuse of smartphone can lead to long-term eyes damage. Another reason why kids should not have smartphone because it can distract school work and disturb other students who are trying to study. When kids have a smartphone, they spent too much time texting and surfing the web instead of doing school work or homework. So they will spend less time or will not do homework and school work. The most important reason why kids should not have smartphone because they get addicted. One of the wonderful things with smartphone is that there is always something new that kids can do, such as new video and online games. For this reason, it’s very difficult for kids to give up and stop using them. Kids can easily get addicted.

  • They can cause kids to become a target for cyber bullying

    I am a 6th grader and since kindergarten we have talked about cyber bullying.Yes I have a phone and I do have social media but my account is private and my mom checks my phone to make sure there aren't inappropriate post on there all the time.So NO kids shouldn't be allowed to have smartphones at 12 and under.

  • Get one that is not smart

    Look, some kids feel the need for cell phones, and I get that, but you don't need a smartphone at such an early age. As for all of the concerns with getting lost or needing to communicate, why not get a flip phone or something that isn't so high tech and expensive. My brother is in high school and he has a flip phone. My parents don't even have a smartphone, and they're just fine. Even so, think about kids before phones were invented.They lived. Even studies have shown that kids already spend too much time on other tech. Phones would just add to this.

  • No smartphones kids

    No smartphones for kids becuase kids do homework right? So when kids have smartphones they will buy games or do somthing fun on the internet and play. So they will not do homwork or go outside and play. So I think kids should not have smart phones? So if you have a kid do not buy a smart phone for your kid.

  • Unhealthy. Time-Wasting. Eye-Killing.

    I am a 7th grader and I know that they are NOT good for you. I know that they will only make you get glasses and they are harmful to your eyes. Kids these days are very spoiled anyhow. We don't need yet another distraction for the young people of today.

  • Children eyes could get bad.

    Well I am a 5 grader and I don't have a smart phone. If there children who has smart phone what would the parents say?
    The parents would say if you watch so much smart phone your eyes can get bad and wear glasses. And if you do the smart phone at night you get sleeping at the class. So I think it's bad for children to get smart phones or cellphones

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