Should kids have to do gym if they don't want to

Asked by: Nova528
  • Yes you should!

    Health is one of the most important thing in life. It should be in gym every day because you could die if you don't ever do gym. If there wasn't gym in school, everyone would be fat and slow. That's why I think there should have to be gym in school!

  • Yes they should

    Kids need gym class because the obesity rate is already high enough and they need to get a good work out every once in a while. And gym class isnt even that hard. So if a kid thinks that gym is too hard, there is a good chance they will die of a heart attack at age 35 with a bucket of KFC in their hands

  • No they shouldn't

    At least in my experience the problem that people have in gym classes is not the actual activity as much as the socail aspect. In many gym classes (I dont knwo about boys, as I am a girl, but I imagine it is much the same) There is a nessisity of forming relationships with people who in many cases are really awful to you, I don't have a problem with the mandatory physical activity part as obestiy is a problem but more with the bullying aspect that often goes hand in hand with gym classes

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