• Yes, but only K - 12

    Wearing school uniforms could be resulting on a positive effect on students achievement and behavior, creating a more respectful atmosphere for learning and ease to burden on parents.
    Children will be more focus on learning, and that will be reduce competition, and bulling.
    Statistics sows that school uniforms helps on teachers retention.

  • Yes, uniforms are probably a good idea.

    Self expression is nice, but these days the kind of self expression young people do with clothing is often much too casual for school. And the ones who can not keep up with the trends because of money are hurt. Much better is a casual uniform or prescribed dress code that mandates certain items that all can afford.

  • Judging eachother based on clothing choices.

    As a student, this is just my observation. :P Students differentiate the popular kids from the unpopular kids.The children that wear all fashionable clothes hang-out together. Consider the idea that there's a group of over-acting girls and there's another girl who's desperate to join with them.Then, they would just easily reject her because,she's not rich,she can't afford those expensive stuff,like that. And the kids that wear all rugged up jeans,plain shirts,whatever simple outfits--- hang-out together.With school uniform, there is less room for children to judge eachother based on clothing choices.

  • Uniformity makes individuality SHINE.

    Some may say that school uniforms establish uniformity and equality. So is our goal to bring communism to children's education? Obviously not. I think uniforms do the exact opposite! Not everyone can express themselves through their accessories and hip outfits, but anyone can afford to express who they are.
    Society is already teaching kids that you're clothes can spell out who you are. Hipster. Poor. Desirable. Low-income. But if we want to develop a stronger nation, we should teach our future that it is your personality, passions, interests, and skills that make you who you are. Not your clothes.

  • Kids should wear school uniform

    Uniform in the school creates integration. It eliminates the social gap of inequality. Yet after 65 yrs of independence, there are many middle class families in our country who cannot afford classy dresses for their wards daily. So in this case if uniform is allowed, no one would feel superior and vice versa. This also creates a feeling of oneness in spite of belonging to different communities.

  • Kids wear uniforms in alL schools where I live and it provides many advantages.

    It eliminates competition between students based on what they are wearing, all students are dressed the same so they can be judged on who they are as people, not what they wear. It also allows the staff to see quickly who should and should not be on campus, thus increasing security.

    It helps kids to take pride in their school and to allow the school to develop its own unique identity and have its students recognized in the community.

  • Yes, kids should wear uniforms.

    Undoubtedly, kids would prefer to wear whatever they want to school or other activities. Parents are split on the idea of uniforms as well, but the main idea that uniforms provide, which I feel is a very important purpose, is that of focus and unity. A uniform is a way of showing why the kids are at this particular location. A school uniform reminds everyone that anyone wearing this uniform is here for the same reason, education. It shows they are all united in the same goal, providing focus. This unity is important to kids as it shows they are all part of a group working towards a similar goal, even if kids don't see it that way.

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  • Kids shouldn't wear uniforms

    My first reason is that many parents don't have the money or the time to buy their kids new clothes. My second reason is that kids need to have self expression for what they wear so they can have a better school year. Finally, some of the clothes sold in stores have lots of synthetic materials that kids can be deathly allergic to and if they have those clothes they can be killed. This is my reason why kids shouldn't wear uniforms.
    Thank you :)

  • No to school uniforms!

    High School is a time of maturing, physically, mentally, academically, and emotionally. Schools need to create an environment that encourages students individuality and motivate them to challenge themselves and inspire self confidence. I feel that school uniforms diminish creativity and self expression. People may argument that students have the weekend, but listen up. Do you see anyone on the weekend? Most kids stay home on the weekend due to sleeping in and studying for school, many do not have time to go out. Self expression is then only avaible at school, because school is where you meet most of the people you be with most of your life. School uniforms cost a lot for families and buying clothes on the weekend makes the cost for uniforms overall much more important.

  • School uniforms are a HORRIBLE idea!!!!

    I think school uniforms are a HORRIBLE idea because they make it harder if there is an emergency to find which kid is yours because they are all wearing the same clothes. Say a kid gets beat up in the morning and the kid couldn't describe what the kid who beat him up looked like because he was wearing a school uniform that looked the same as everyone else. That is why school uniforms are a BAD idea!!!!

  • Uniforms are stupid

    They are really stupid and they have went in our privacy of what we were and what we like to wear so that does not show what it says in the constitution of the United States so it shouldn't be allowed .The Constitution sates that we can have freedom and having school invade that is unacceptable

  • No, because everybody has the right to express themselves.

    I believe that students shouldn't be obligated to wear uniforms,in any school.My reason for this belief is because i think that everybody has the right to express themselves.Uniforms hinder self-expression.Some may argue that '' some kids will make fun of others for wearing certain clothes that make them seem like they're poor,or have no taste''.My counter argument would be that if you believe that certain students are so poor,then why would you make the uniforms ridiculously expensive? Honestly,an individual can buy an identical shirt at a local sears for half the price of the ones offered by the school.This is only in my case,i'm not sure whether all uniforms are expensive.

  • Uniforms are violating

    Kids shouldn't have to wear uniforms because it takes away one of their rights to freedom of expression. Also some kids parents might not have funds to buy their kids new uniforms for their school. Uniforms overall are restricting and violate a constitutional right to the kids, and kids might not have the expenses to pay for uniforms.

  • NO, they Should not

    Children should have to freedom to wear anything that they want to school as long as it's appropriate. Clothes are just like a freedom of speech just without saying anything verbally. A child could wear a shirt that describes how they are feeling without actually saying a word. You can actually tell a lot from how a child wears their clothes and what they wear.

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