Should kids in elementary and middle school have cell phones?

  • Yes, Kids need phones

    Kids are old enough to hang out and go out with friends and if something happen's they need to contact their parents and if they do not have a phone they can not contact their parents so, they would be in big big trouble because t hey are in danger

  • Not having a cellophane in your backpack can be dangerous

    If you walk home alone it is not okay to walk because would if you see something supious you need to call your parents and they can help you by picking you up. You'll be safe over a phone because one call can help you for an emergency and one cellphone in your backpack can save.

  • I think so

    What if kids are in a bad situation. The other day my neighbors got broken into and the people started coming up to us kids. We got scared and ran in my house and called 911. That would have been easier is I had the phone with me because they almost took one of my friends away.

  • Hello you can need it for MANY IMPORTANT THINGS

    What if your in your neighborhood and your friend gets stolen huh well take a pic of the license and then call the cops. What if your in a soccer team at school and your parents cant pick u up or dont know where u are well call your friend to pick u up or tell your parents where you are what if u are in the park with your friends and something bad happens call somebody who u know can he. That is why i think u need a phone in life

  • Yea duh of course

    Look I'm 11 and just a few days ago there was a robbery right next to my house. 2 ppl with guns robbed a store plus the 5 burros of ny ppl can be really crazy when I say crazy I mean crazy staten island someone was about to get kidnapped plus my neighborhood it has lemme see to much to count crazy ppl

  • Scenerio! Getting Lost? Phones can Help!

    You are in a dilemma. You are at the mall, and you turn to look at a cute baby pink sweater hanging in Forever 21. Turning around with the hopes of getting that really cute sweater, you see that your parents are missing! You frantically try to find a help desk, but the mall you are in has 3 floors and is just too confusing. You are lost in the mall forever! Well not forever, if you have a phone. For you can just text your parents that you are lost, and they will track you down with Life360.

  • Cyberbullying... Can Be Prevented

    There are way to prevent cyberbullying. Preventing access from Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter can stop children from being bullied online. If children still continue to plead, it is possible to make a private account so only their friends could see their posts. That will assure their complete privacy and to avoid getting cyberbullying.

  • Yes what if a emergency?!

    Im a 10 year old and i think we SHOULD be able to take our phones to school. Put it on silent and leave them in our bookbags and they are not causing any harm or disruption. Also, what if there were an emergency. Also, just because we have phones dosent mean we can just take them out and play. LOOK TEACHER!!! I HAVE A PHONE!!! Were not going to do that to risk our phone being takin away. So i think it is a good idea for kids to have phones at school.

  • Long Distance Range

    Divorce is an common problem throughout the world - what if you are a kid with a divorced parent who lives far away.
    And yah, so I agree with this statement because of influences and because I have one myself.
    Join the WE SAY YES side! Do you have a cell phone?

  • Of course yes

    Because what if child needs a ride home, or like he said what if he or her gets kidnapped, it all connects to a phone. Also what if their parent is coming to pick them up and they need to go to tutoring, you need to let them know so they don't get worried when your not there.

  • Children should bot have cellphones

    Children may play with the phone in class as well break the phine as well making your money go directly down the drain.I have friends that have fliphones still and their daughter/son already has a phone.I think this is an outragous act and also ni child should be left alone.For all you fellow people saying they need it for "safety reasons"

  • In middle school maybe

    Maybe in middle school, but in elementary school: NO. It's kind of obvious because the people who said yes typed it ten thousand times. They're proving my point. And I'm not saying phones are terrible, but I am saying that kids under the age of 11 should NOT have a phone.

  • Kids can get cyber bullied, it causes 19% of suicide.

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  • It gets too destracting

    People with phones are usually brats or mean or bully one another cause they feel special. Well, my opinion, people are always on their phones during class. Well who knows, who knows if your cheating or texting others just cause you want to or that could be another way to cheat. Daaaa!

  • Internet access is dangerous

    All it takes is one viewing of porn, beheadings, men being burned to death, all current issues. These things can disturb children's minds - it has been proven. Why do parents not understand this especially when we go to such lengths to protect them? All it takes is 10 seconds and you can never erase that from their memory.

  • I think that kids should not be able to have cell phones.

    Do you think kids should have cell phones in middle school? Well I think that kids should’t . First they should use phones in school only if they get free time, have to call their parents, or text their parents that they are staying after school or that school is getting out early but that usually never happens because they are always on either their phones or computers or tablets. Then if they are using their phones irresponsibly they should have their phone taking away and then they have to come get it after school, If they keep using it responsibly their parents should have to come and get it and that should not be able to use it for a week. I also think that parents should be responsible on whether their kids are ready to have a phone or if they are not ready or responsible enough. Lasty kids should’t be able to have cell phones.

  • A distraction with no real communication value.

    Communication, maybe.
    Calls, texting, pictures, videos, web-surfing, games, a distraction.
    Cheating, dating abuse, harassment, put downs, secrets, bad influences, embarrassing pictures and videos, are all potential issues.
    Peace of mind, safety security, no frills?
    Monitor your children’s all use of technological devises.
    Be specific about its use, and its costs, and etiquette.

    In a true emergency you want an adult be in touch with the parent, not the child.

  • Kids aren't responsible with phones

    People think that kids would use phones for emergencies only. But from my experience kids only use phones to play games, text, and to go on pointless web sights. If there in class than kids are only more distracted by this piece of technology. Phones are good for emergencies but what are the chances that the school would burn down.

  • No cell phones needed

    People under grade 8 should not have any kind of phone! Kids can be irresponsible. In addition kid can play it in class and use calculator to find answers. Kids also may lost their cell phone or any phone in their school or any place else they might go to!

  • No cell phones at school

    Kids are not ready to have any kind of phones in young age. Also it's bad for school, kids can play it or use the calculator. Phone are more likely used in middle school. Kids can be irresponsible at school. Perhaps kids can even lost it at their school yard.

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