• Violent video games are fun.

    Violent video games are fine, as long as the child knows it's not real. If they enjoy the game they are playing, PLAY ON! I don't see what the big deal is. It's not going to make them more violent. I personaly do play violent video games and my daughter does too. She loves it! In fact, it made her want to do archery.


    Kids love playing violent video games like call of duty or other shooters. I also read online that fast paced shooters increase childrens reaction times in real life. I know this myself because I am a 12 year old child. So to all you overprotective parents out there cut your kids some slack

  • Yes, it'd have no negative effects

    It helps, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and has improved my vocabulary and grammar since I was young. The only time bad effects are sighted are when its too much. My grades are fine, I am physically and mentally fit as well. Even games such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls have inspired many of my friends to be writers. So no bad-effects here.

  • Science says yes!

    It is scientifically proven that video games help with hand-eye coordination. Also, violent video games such as Call of Duty allows kids a slight militaristic experience, possibly helping them to choose whether or not to go into the military in the future. Also, they are just freakin' epic. Violence FTW!

  • Kids should be able to play violent video games because...

    I think kids should be able to play violent video games because it relieves stress and anger, it's a safe and secure out let for kids, and allows kids to safely explore rules for violent actions in their violent video games. I say yes for those specific reason. I say yes for these reasons

  • They are fun

    It has been proven over and over with countless different physiological tests that violent video games do not do "bag things" to children's head they enjoy the game they are playing, PLAY ON! I don't see what the big deal is. It's not going to make them more violent. I personaly do play violent video games

  • They are fun

    It has been proven over and over with countless different physiological tests that violent video games do not do "bag things" to children's head they enjoy the game they are playing, PLAY ON! I don't see what the big deal is. It's not going to make them more violent. I personaly do play violent video games

  • Learning about the real world

    Yes, violent video games can teach young people new stuff they haven't learned before and can earn them fame. Also, violent video games will not affect how the child behaves that much, especially if they know what they are doing. Finally, this can improve your child's happiness and make them less aggressive.

  • Look at the facts

    It has been proven over and over with countless different physiological tests that violent video games do not do "bag things" to children's head. We as a society have seen that these games are therapeutic! In the rare and dreadful cases that people hear of a shooting that was "caused by video games" it is usually proven that it is a deeper wound leading to things such as abuse as a child, thus they believe it is right to kill. Once this is announced the media has already left the story behind, no one cares, and no one remembers it. Even if they do become violent they would probably catch it from some where else so while we are at it lets get rid of all the R rated movies and prohibit guns! (Sarcasm)

  • It helps alot

    Call of duty games and other shooting games help with hand- eye coordination, reaction time, and teamwork. Plus, kids should be able to play games like these right now and have fun while they still can before they grow up and become adults because adults don't have time for games, they have too much work. Come on kids, we got to take a stand for what we want, we have to fight for what we want, don't let them take our rights

  • Kids will take violence to life,

    The more kids play violence games they feel immune to it. I'm 12 going on 13 and I think that not even I am ok with violence. Why can't kids just play Mario Kart it has very very little to NO violence. It perfect. I love to play it. So all kids should stick to very little violence. With very little violence improves grades. I used to play violent games. I got 2 D's after I stopped violent video games I improved to a straight A student. But video games still just plainly rot your brain.

  • Violent Video Games And Children (Youth Violence)

    Kids love games like Call of Duty and Black Ops. But is it really good for them? No its not good for them it makes them more violent people. Such as my sweet brother, when he watched his father play Black Ops he became more violent and into video games. Now he has no friends because of his bad behave your. Even if they like him the parents don't because of his record of bad behave your.

  • No, as it causes addiction and horrible behavior in children.

    As mentioned above, video games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto play on the "Reward" center of the brain, such as the +100 that shows up for kills in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This releases pleasure hormones, and encourages further killing. After a while, children begin to get on it more and more, looking up to Youtubers who post content for this, who often are rather rude and abrasive. This starts cursing habits in the child, along with "raging" at the game, which starts causing them to lose friends and make new ones that set bad examples. This is the point at which some parents would intervene, pointing out what the child has done. And naturally, as what happens with addiction, the addict will deny that their obsession has any negative effect on them, and will continue playing. Another thing that plays into this is the fact that each passing year, children will believe that they are "mature" enough to handle such things, and will believe they can have serious responsibilities, or believe that they can be trusted for advice. A good example of this is nearly every "argument" the children on the Yes side provide, saying they can be trusted because they are 12, or will only point out the supposed "positives" of the video games, not bothering to think of the negative effects violent games have on them. So you can generally guess why I would side with No in this subject based off of what I have seen and experienced.

  • No they shouldn't

    When kids play violent video games they get aggressive behavior and don't respect there parents, when they play games like that they act like its in real life, and think that they can come back to life. Video games that are violent never help with their life or the future.

  • Raise aggressiveness levels

    In almost all of the studies conducted, children who play Grand Theft Auto raised their aggressive behavior more than watching an r rated movie. People under 18 globally spend more than 3 billion hours a week playing violent video games. I am 11 years old and i support the idea of not playing violent video games, but they shouldn't be banned. That just seems harsh.
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  • Correlation Does Not Equal Causation.

    Just because crazy people play violent video games, does not mean that video games MAKE people violent. The media and misguided individuals always say " The Columbine Killers played Doom extensively", but don't realize that perhaps the violent video games appealed to them BECAUSE they were crazy, rather than making them so. Plenty of sane people, including myself, play violent video games extensively and show no signs of a negative reaction.

  • Don't give your child money and then they won't buy rated M games its simple!

    Your child asks you for money and he did every thing in the house that you've asked for, what do you do? You think to yourself, you saw a commercial that was a rated M game that had a lot of killing and you say yes to your child but that doesn't mean he's going to kill somebody? Are you guys freaking morons! Even though if violent video would be banned that's not going to solve why kids hurt other people. Back then in the 1900's there was no video games and guess what people are doing they are hurting other people, what a surprise and you thought video games were to blame think again people Adolf Hitler was like the worst person and he KILLED 6 million Jews and that has nothing to do with video games if you were to play the video game GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto) that's like the most violent video game but why are kids playing this just don't give them the money its that simple! Once again DON't GIVE YOUR CHILD MONEY

  • I say No, why would you want to cause more trouble?

    Kids shouldn't be aloud to play violent video games, at least wait until their a little more mature. I think 17+ is the appropriate age where you can tell the difference between whats real and whats fake. Kids could become more violent and harm other people thinking its a game, not knowing the difference between real and fake.

  • No they shouldn't.

    When kids play these games, sometimes they get freaked out. Some factors are innapropriate content, bad language, and sometimes the main character is a killer. An example of a game like this is Assasins Creed. Sometimes, kids inherit the violence that's within these games. Overall, it is a bad influence.

  • Kids, if allowed, should have a limited violent video game time

    I believe that if kids are allowed to play video games with blood or violence in them, there should be a limit because I, play these kinds of games, and I do know that it has made me a more violent person, and I think that maybe a small amount a day won't hurt, but more than 2 hours can hurt a kids way they think of violence

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