• No, not at all

    First of all, most children aren't even tall enough to drive. So if they are driving then they can't see where they are going. Then the next thing you know, they crash. Secondly, they are not mature enough. Children are very indecisive and their brains aren't mature enough yet. So they don't much from what to do when some matters come up on the road. Also, kids don't make money so the parents have to pay making the car go on their name. So if the kid gets into an accident, is caught speeding, or has killed a pedestrian, then the blame and consequences go on the parent. This can result to heavy fines parents have to pay, community service, them going to jail, paying for the car and many other things. Kids have a lot of room for trouble and that why parents are there to tell what is right and wrong.

    This is why I believe that children shouldn't be able to drive cars.
    Hope you liked my argument! :)

  • Just think back...

    Think back to you 10 years ago, Did you like that person? Of course not, that person was an idiot. If you could, you would smack them upside the head and tell them to, eat healthier, study more, don't do that stupid thing that your friends and family will never let you live down.

    Do you rely want that person behind the weal? (or even longer then 10 years, depending on your age)

    Could you imagine a kid throwing a tantrum over being cut off, because I can.

  • Crashing rates would rocket

    Children would not be able to drive a car safely as driving a car includes using lots of logic and problem solving. You need to get experience of how to solve problems and the age of 10 is just too young. Also many children are just too short. Finally how many 10 year olds do you know that would be able to drive a car.

  • Our current laws are fine

    The typical learner's permit age is 14-15 and I think that is an appropriate age where kids can really comprehend and manage a machine that can be a deadly weapon if used incorrectly. Not to mention that their height also plays a factor in their ability to properly control a vehicle, I mean the kid in your thumbnail can't even see over the wheel and I bet my left foot he cant touch those pedals neither. These vehicles, if used incorrectly can put many lives in danger and young teens need to approach that responsibility gingerly and I just don't think ten year olds are capable of taking that responsibility.

  • Kids should have the right to drive.

    I believe that kids should be able to drive, but only if they learn and know how to do so well. I know some parents may be reading this and you have to take your child everywhere but wouldn't it be better if your children could drive themselves? Of course there would be an age limit. A two year old would not be able to drive but a ten year old with the correct driving information could go on the road. I could go on and on with more reasons why I think children should be able to drive but I will stop here. If you are interested in this then I would suggest doing some research on this as I have done.

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