Should Kids Study Coding in Elemantary School?

Asked by: Jay1235
  • We should do coding

    We should do coding because it is a good thing to learn in elementary school. Also kids might get bored of doing other things when they can be making up games and doing stuff like that. I have done coding and it is really fun when you make your own games.

  • It's too hard.

    Kids aren't college students. Coding is way more advanced than a simple 1+1 equation. They wouldn't even be able to understand this stuff! Besides, isn't it important to teach kids the basics before they actually move onto coding which you should have (earliest) in the start of your teen years? (13-14)

  • Why is this even a question

    I also have coded before and yes it is fun but it is also more complicated then learning basic math or your A,B,C,s or anything else to start your educational career. They have also took out from the curriculum how to write in cursive and how to read an analog clock. We don't need to replace that with coding

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