• Cell Phones are very important. But Smartphones, really?

    Let's say this: You are walking home from school, but you miss the bus. How can you communicate with your parents to pick you up if you don't have any cellular device to actually communicate with them? This is a growing problem among kids, and they need a way to communicate with their parents if something goes wrong.

    However, when we're talking about smartphones, that's a completely different story. First off, smartphones are nothing more than phones that have the power of a PC. This allows games, apps, social media, internet browsing, etc. This can be bad for kids under 12, because it can be very distracting, the internet is dangerous for giving information to strangers, and if kids use smartphones, they'll be killing the battery more with games rather than actually using their phone for communication. In my opinion, kids shouldn't be given smartphones until they are responsible enough. However, they'll definitely need a cellular device in order to communicate with their parents, and that's a fact.

  • Seriously why not?

    I am 12 and have a cell phone. I use it for many purposes like games, calling and texting my friends. I think it is good for an emergency and having fun. What is the harm? Let us have it. It's like asking should we have a gaming console or foot ball and basketball. The answer is yes!

  • Once I got stuck at my friends house and I could not get out until 2 days LATER

    Ok so like one time well it happened to my friend and she went to read some thing on the wall at a mall. So then she looks back and then she cant find her parents. But if she had a cell phone she could have called her parents to see were they were. But she had to go up to someone and then it was all like can this kids mother come to the front desk please

  • Yes they should

    Some children need a phone because they may walk home from school or have no parent or an adult to watch them after school. A phone they can use for homework and to even learn. Also it can keep them occupied and something for them to do. Having a phone can be good just in case of a important call like 911. Kids should be able to have a phone!

  • Cell phone, not a Smart phone

    Smartphones will be a distraction to children. Whenever I see a 12 year-old hanging out with his friends while playing on an iPhone, I feel like their childhood is being wasted. They should be given cell phones only with phone and SMS functions so that they can contact their parents of dial 911.

  • Smartphones can be Damaging.

    Although many parents believe that phones are a great way for their children to contact them, smartphones, like everything, have downsides. One of these downsides is the content they might come across. Also, it can damage their health. Children under the age of 12 should not be looking at a screen within 3 hours of going to bed. Having a smartphone will only increase your child's screen time.

  • They should have cellphones, not smartphones.

    Smartphones are used by children for many reasons, but the most integrable online usage is social media. When your child posts something it is there forever, and there is no way to retract it FOREVER. It is ok to have a cellphone for safety purposes. Fortnite= life lol tfue is a god lol...

    Posted by: Krab
  • I think kids under 12 should have mobile phones.

    Because, they should be able to keep contact with friends for homework help or school related activities to help their academic performance, or divorced parents (self-explanatory), or for family members, to keep contact with them is very important to stay in the family circle to depend on them. So ya:)

    -Meredith V.

  • No no no !!!!!!

    There's a difference between cell phones and smart phones. Cell phones allow you to contact parents in a case of emergency. Smart phones can do that but they also allow addiction to various games. It's happened to me and I didn't like it. Cell phones also decrease the risk of being mugged.

  • No no no !!!!!!

    There's a difference between cell phones and smart phones. Cell phones allow you to contact parents in a case of emergency. Smart phones can do that but they also allow addiction to various games. It's happened to me and I didn't like it. Cell phones also decrease the risk of being mugged.

  • Seriously with this?

    There is no reason for an elementary school child to have a cellular phone.

    Not for emergencies in school- every classroom has a phone, and the parents are perfectly able to call the school. We did actually manage to have our parents get a hold of us before cell phones became prevalent, kids.

    Not for contacting their parents anywhere else- a child of that age is extremely unlikely to be unaccompanied by some adult, even with friends. These adults will have cell phones. And again- we survived just fine without cell phones to call mommy and daddy every hour.

    They certainly don't need the distraction of the texting and games on a cell- it just adds to the rude, checked-out culture we are developing due to people being unable to put down their phones for five seconds to interact with another human.

  • I say YA!!!

    Yes because phones are awesome!!!! Also I love my phone and If someone took it away I would cry my self to sleep until my parents got annoyed of me crying and got me a new one and plus they would get me one because they love me and not my sister.

  • No I don't think that kids under twelve should own a cell phone.

    There are many reasons to why a 12 y/o should not own a cell phone but one that sticks out prominently in my mind is that 12 year olds don't need them. They can borrow they're parents phone but they have no need for a cell phone at that age.

  • No they shouldn't

    Myself, as an 12 year old, think that kids younger than us shouldn't have a cell phone. Most parents say we aren't responsible enough, than how can anyone else younger than us be. We should have a cell phone for good reasons; Miss buss and more helpful things. I'm the type that don't try to act sneaky because I want to get a new phone. Parents can just check our phones..No big deal for kids like me.

  • Oh heck no!!!!!!

    Children under 12 should not have phones. They could leave inappropriate posts or read inappropriate posts. Also they can read and see things they shouldn't see. Also radiation has an effect on everybody. Children don't know how much screen time they should have. With people saying they need one so they can call their parents, before or after they lose, break, or get their phone stolen. Children with to much screen time have to get glasses or contacts effecting their vision for ever and wasting money.

  • There are inapproprite kids, too.

    You have no idea what kids are going to post, look up, or read. Parents can block it, but that just costs more money and work. Kids are also smarter then you know. They can either hack the filter or call the company. I know a fourth grader who knows more innapproprite stuff then I do! It is terrible. PLZ do NOT give your 10-13 year old a phone or iPhone!

  • Cell phones for kids under 12?

    I see no practical reason for any young kid to have their own phone.
    Some say it is for 911 purposes. My response to that is simple.
    Children 12 or under,and perhaps 13,0r 14 have NO BUSINESS being anywhere without an adult. Any parent who allows their young kid to wander a mall or anywhere else alone,is,guilty of neglect,and child endangerment. Letting them to walk to school,with other kids is one thing. Letting them go anywhere alone is quite another story.

  • Under-aged...Don't you think for smartphones?

    I believe that kids should remain to be "kids". The advent of technology is welcome but its usage has to be limited to ensure maximum productivity. For a general manager, usage of a smartphone for his work might be imperative, but it is definitely not necessary for a 10 or 12 year old to message his/her friends on whatspp or facebook! It would wreck his/her childhood and they would eventually become incapable of appreciating the small pleasures of life.
    In case of cellphones, it might be required in some genuine situations, in which adults are not always around to supervise the young ones. Even with cellphones, unrestricted access could spell trouble; there might arise situations in which the young ones disregard the world outside and delve into the virtual one all the time.
    As with everything, there are the positive and negative aspects.

  • They don't NEED one

    Some children want phones because their friends have one. They also want to brag about how good their phone is. Children shouldn't have phones because phones are easily distracting and kids won't really care about school or homework. They could also make social network accounts that are inappropriately and unsafe for their age.

  • No they should not have a phone.

    They should not have a phone at all because they are inresponsible with the phone and they go on it all the time and they never study when they have one. Plus you can take a home phone if they are going out somewhere and they can get a i pod touch so they can dowload music and play video games only so you don't have to worry about them texting or talking to there friends or an stranger and giving them info of them and where they live.

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