• There not dangerous

    People think that kids can get kidnapped or get a brain tumor but most studies have proven that wrong the only way people can get kidnapped is if they stay home and don't have a phone someone can easily get in to the house and take them. Like Zach_7D I'm not saying give a 7 year old a phone but at least 9. That's my reason.

  • They are helpful!

    If a kid is in a bad situation, they can call some one. Say someone is trying to kid nap them. They are able to run and call 911. Or if they get hurt where no one can see them. They can call someone. Nothing totally bad can happen. You can also block people and not talk to strangers on apps and stuff. That way you can't put out important info. Just be safe with it. And for the parents out there. I'm not telling you to give it to your 7 year old child. I think they should at least be 9 years old. I'm also 11. They just need to be safe and careful. Don't use to prank call people and stuff. Just don't be dumb with the phone.

  • In Case Of Help!

    If kids have cell phones then if they are in danger they can call their parents or 911. It also helps them in case they get lost they can call for help. Why not have a cell phone? It won't hurt anyone, not that commonly anyway, so kids should have cell phones!

  • It is safer!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that kids under 18 should have phones because it is safer. The parents can call them whenever needed. Plus you can track the kids if they have a phones. Maybe the could be running around at the park and they twist their ankle they can call you or a friend( or possibly 911).

  • Yes they should have cell phones

    Because some kids under 14 that go to school love spending time with their family. They would miss their family if they were away from them. So yeah, kids should have cell phones to call their family in rough times.

    Also, people at my school are making this a topic. So i'm doing this for a good grade

  • Agreeing and disagring

    Kids should get a phone and also have it for their own lives. But I have to disagree yes some parents have a right not to give a phon to their children and even I am 11 I don't have a phone and also they are very expensive to buy one. So parents have a right to not not give u a phone. If u have a phone that's good if u don't have a phone that means good cause it means it is ur safety to be safe and securited. So yeah

  • Yes bc I'm 9

    And if I'm nine ad can have a phone than everyone can I mean it's actually really not that bad and if you are reading this and you have kids think about it and check out my YouTube at: fudgiemc fudge thank you for your time and good luck with your phone problems

  • Yes bc I'm 9

    And if I'm nine ad can have a phone than everyone can I mean it's actually really not that bad and if you are reading this and you have kids think about it and check out my YouTube at: fudgiemc fudge thank you for your time and good luck with your phone problems

  • Yes, they should!

    I am 11 and everyone in my middle school has a phone but me. I get made fun of by other girls and boys. I only have one friend because of this. I don't want any other kid, tween, or teen going through this situation! My mom still says that I can't have a phone because this a good thing and it gives me the oppertunity to practice my emotional and mental strength. I would feel extremely terrible if I found out that other kids were going through this, too.

  • Yesssssss they do

    I am. A child my self so of course I believe I would need a phone. This is because any thing could happen any where so I want to be able to call somebody. I doubt if anything happens the teacher would let me see their phone. And plus any inappropriate site the parents could block. Or the things that they don't want their children on.. So I agre

  • Because they don't deserve them.

    Because they are always on them wasting money.They are always begging for a new phone from their parents. So their parents are wasting money and the kids don't have to lift a finger. Their poor parents can't hardly even pay for their phones. So kids under the age of 13 shouldn't have phones.

  • 12 and under should not have cell phones!!

    I don't think that kids under the age of 13 should have cell phones. I am 13 myself and i have never had a cell phone, and yet i see kids that are around 7 years old everyday that have the most up to date cell phones. I think that kids should be outside playing, and enjoying their time that they have to be kids, not sitting on their couch texting their friends and updating their blog. With these kids having these expensive phones it is just wasting their parents money because , since they are kids they don't take care of things like they are supposed to so it would just end up broken or stolen within a couple of days. By giving young kids cell phones you would just be spoiling them.

  • No, children under 13 should not have cell phones.

    There is scientific evidence to support the idea that attempting to multitask makes us unhappy and reduces our efficacy in performing even simple tasks. The ability to maintain attention through unpleasant tasks is difficult to instill in a child if she is tempted to pick up her phone every few minutes.

  • Kids under 13 should not have a phone

    Kids should be focusing on school not texting or face timing their friends and if you want to call your parents tell them to get a house phone if you can afford a phone you can afford a cell phone you can afford a house phone. And when I was talking about School I know you need online textbooks and stuff like that, I have a solution If your parents have a computer or laptop or tablet or anything like that ask to borrow them and if they don't that's your problem

  • Kids can start bad habits!

    If kids are getting phones at a young age they can start bad habits, like staying up watching Netflix or Youtube, or even Snapchatting their friends. Kids should be outside playing and enjoying the time that they have as kids instead of being inside eating snacks and texting people. Kids can start bad habits and never get out of them! This could lead to lots of bad grades because they will be so caught up in their phones they will forget to do homework or not study for tests.

  • Kids under 13 should not have one

    Kids should not be always on their phones because they can become antisocial.Kids can just be always on their phones and not talking to people they know and just random people. And young kids can be tricked into giving people lots of money and if a kid figures out the password to buy something they can spend lots of money.

  • No Kids under 13 should not have a phone.

    I feel that no child that age should be anywhere that there is not someone around who could call their parent if there was an emergency or simply if the needed to talk. Children need to be outside being young and building memories not sitting in the house scrolling through Facebook trying to keep up with everyone else.! Children are becoming way too dependent on technology.

  • Kids are losing touch.

    I am 13 and my parents have confirmed from an early age that I will not get a phone until I graduate from college. All my friends have a phone, and I do get very tempted by it, but after consideration I conclude that phones are not worth it. Kids should not go anywhere alone, so they will never need to call parents if they use the buddy system (I always ask my friends to call if I need it). Also, kids are getting addicted to phones. They may play during inappropriate times, and that would discourage being face-to-face. Studies show kids do worse in school with a phone. Therefore, though it may be very tempting, parents, please do not give small children phones. They may misuse it.

  • Unsafe - Internet is Dangerous

    I understand that kids under the age of 13 can use it to contact family members and parents, but I don't believe that's the only thing that kids are doing on their phones. Kids are draining their minds to social media and video games online. I have neighbors who have spent their whole Spring Break and summer, inside on video games and electronics.

    Kids under the age of 13 shouldn't have phones. I understand that maybe 13+ should have phones because they would have a job and can use their phone to contact their boss or other employees. But when your at least 12 and under, you don't NEED to have a phone taking up space in your pockets.

  • Are not safe

    You need safety when kids get kidnapped they really never live like only 6% make it alive you would not like if someone in your family got killed because of getting kidnapped or if that was you we can prevent that by putting in a law you have to be 13 before you can get a phone

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