• Kids under 14 should have be able to have social media

    Kids under 14 should be able to have social media because they can interact with the world I know some people might say that a predator can try to persuade kids but if u the parent have social media then u can follow them and use their device to see what they are doing

  • Theres two ways to look at it...

    Theres good and bad about social media, kids who are mature should be allowed to have limited social media connection, but most kids don't care and don't know the dangers of the internet. Theres study and proof that it affects the brain and how kids look at the world and themselves.. And if children aren't watched, they could be using it incorrectly. But if people showed the good of media then i believe, it would be okay. But thats not how people are doing it. Parents aren't watching there kids on social media and bad things are happen. People need to speak up.

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