Should Kids under the age of 12 learn to cook?

Asked by: Krisha_Patel
  • Let them cook

    Every child should learn to cook because it is a important life skill to learn, chefs can earn a family-sustaining income, and cooking skills in college limit health issues. This could benefit them in the future for getting a career and help go to big culinary schools. It's needed today

  • Life Skills Required.

    There are many adults in modern America who do not know how to cook, even though their parents may have been at-home people or natural cooks themselves. If the parents will not teach them, schools should. Schools are established in order to teach children what they need to know for when they themselves turn into adults; recently, this has not been the case due to standardised testing. People need to know multiple things before they enter the adult world, and cooking should be one of them.

  • They have time......

    These kids still have time to learn later because most people marry at the age of 20+ so from 12 or less to at least 20 is 8 years. So why would you force them to learn when they are under 12. Let them choose what they want to do.

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