• Yes kids need to use computers

    As an adult many people use computers every day. Kids are the future of our world so why would we keep them away from computers? The earlier a kid learns to use a computer the better. They will be more prepared for the real world. Computers can also be very educational.

  • They can use Computers or Tablets with restricted or no access to Internet.

    It is obvious that we can find lots of good information from Internet.
    But, We must remember what Albert Einstein says about Knowledge and Information.
    “Information is not knowledge."
    "Knowledge Comes From Experience.“
    So, If kids started to search for information they may get addicted to it and fail to have experience.

  • The learning oppertunities

    Most of society today runs on the computer, and we are only improving more and more. Children in almost all schools in the us are using computers for homework, and research, because that's what they are assigned to do now a days. I do believe that there should be restrictions on what websites are appropriate or not, because there are some bad things out there, and with strong parental monitoring, the problem will be taken care of.

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