• A no-brainer. Of course!

    It is so much easier for everyone if you wear uniforms. You don't have to think about what you will wear the next day, you don't have to think about the latest fashions. And there are so many ways to make your school uniform your own, different from anyone else, that you still have ways to express yourself.

  • Kid's should wear uniforms.

    If you wear a school uniform on school trips you will have a less chance of getting lost than if you didn't.
    Wearing a school uniform shows people that you are in that school and that you are with them. School uniform is a basic set of clothes that you wear to school. If you woke up in the morning and went to your wardrobe and thought what shall I wear to school today, by the time you had chosen you would be three hours late for school.

  • Yes They Should

    I think requiring uniforms for school children of all ages would be a benefit for everyone involved. Not only would it greatly diminish the cost of school clothes, but it would cut down on a lot of the reasons some children are made fun of. It can be very expensive to clothe a child for school, not all parents can afford to spend a lot of money. I would hate for my child to be picked on because she isn't wear what all the other kids consider 'cool'.

  • Kids should wear uniforms

    Yes, I personally believe and have had first hand experience in kids wearing uniform dress to schools. There is less teasing and bullying because of this. Our schools here serve both rich and poor kids, and when everyone wears the same clothing, there is less of a chance they will get picked on.

  • It is a good idea for kids to wear school uniforms

    Although some may complain about the loss of invidual expression, school uniforms are a sound idea. This helps present a comraderie which is quite beneficial to overall discipline. It also helps reduce clothing competition among students which might unneccessarily make some students feel inadequate. It is also helpful to parents and students to make easy morning decisions about clothing choices when they might otherwise be rushed for time.

  • Kids should wear school uniforms

    Kids should wear school uniforms so it provides a sense of unity in the school. It also is much easier on the parents and kids and causes less fighting over the age old question of what to wear. It also makes administration and teachers almost completely eliminate having to be aware of appropriate versus inappropriate clothes. Instead they just watch for specific uniform rules.

  • It prevents bullying.

    Yes, they should. I think requiring uniforms for school children of all ages would be a benefit for everyone involved. Not only would it greatly diminish the cost of school clothes, but it would cut down on a lot of the reasons some children are made fun of. It can be very expensive to clothe a child for school, and not all parents can afford to spend a lot of money.

  • As A Student, I'd Love Uniforms, And The Only No Wants Uniforms Too

    Uniforms in schools promote a sense of professionalism in education, that you're there for a purpose, and can help instil confidence and a sense of dignity in students. It cuts down on such arbitrary but ever present concerns such as what people wear. In fact it would help promote class mingling, since everyone on a visual level is in fact equal. Some of the best education systems in the world have uniforms, and I believe that we should too.

  • Uniforms are needed so kids wont worry about bullies

    Children should wear school uniforms so they don't have to worry about what they are going to wear the next day. So they also wont have to worry being bullied for having a shirt they like. I used to get bullied all the time because of what I wore to school, now I hae wear a sweater to school just so I have a little hope that I wont get bullied for what I'm wearing.

  • Because it would be way more safer and there would be less bullying

    Idk why you guys think no because yes is a much better answer. This second reason is them kids would be safer because if an intruder came they could be spotted very easily and that is why we would be more safe. There would be less bullying because everyone would be wearing the same thing and no one could make fun of each others clothes.

  • I disagree

    Because it takes away your personality and the school would be boring with no color. How would you like if your friends and family and everything you know today with color just all of a sudden turns gray? The blind have no choice but to only see shades of gray. I feel if they had a choose like the students today they would love to have all the colors of the rainbow. I know I love color in my life and that's why I feel like we shouldn't wear ugly, stuffy old uniforms. Be bold wear your colors proud!

  • No, no, no.

    Kids should be able to choose what they want and be able to impress the other gender and the persons friends and it would not crush or ruin a child's creativity and feelings. Wearing uniforms is like a prison and no choice to the child. Plus, it is a waste of money to the parents because they spend all this money on clothing and then the child can't wear those new clothes.

  • Kids should not wear uniforms

    Kids should not wear uniform because it doesn't allow them to express their style. We need freedom to express who we are. Maybe kids don't have the money to pay for school uniforms. We should be allowed to wear what we want. We have our rights. There should be no dress codes in school.

  • Compromising Basic Rights

    This is the first amendment right you want to compromise here. I don't care how old a person is, he/she is entitled to some basic rights. Our country is built upon independence and rights. In truth, clothing has very little impact on bullying. As soon as people wear the same clothing it will be weight, height, eye color or race that leads to bullying. People will be bullied for their skin color next instead of the color of their clothes. Bullies will bully regardless of fashion choices. Mandating that kids wear the same clothes is like prison or Stalinist Russia. As a country that promotes freedom and individual rights, we cannot take away anyone's basic rights regardless of their age.

  • No kid shouldn't be allowed to show their personality

    No as a student I completely disagree because student should be able to show their personality and as a student I think we shouldn't e even allowed to wear school unifroms ... Does any one else agree with me???? Thumbs up if you agree please so... B y e !

  • Express them selves

    What if there is a rapest he will know what school we go to and just go to that school I mean come on people think before you do something stupid like give us uniforms and bullies can still make fun of your eyes, ears, nose, and teeth and to be repeated think before you do something.

  • Why No Color?

    Did you know you waste money on detergent and dryer sheets? Kids should be able to choose what they want to where. We have our own freedom. We don't need school uniforms because they take away color, waste money, and can give rashes or be itchy. It isn't right to take away your basic rights regardless of your age.

  • I hate uniforms

    They are itchy and give me rashes I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I h h h h h h a a a a a at t t t t t t t eeeeeeeeee uniforms

  • Uniforms suck jk

    Its itchy makes me get rashes in some odd areas hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hbii hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hih hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi bye

  • I disagree because

    Kids can wear what ever they want and the uniform will just a shirt not a magical shirt that helps you think and it fells like were back in the olds days we should wear what ever we feel like not back in the old days it looks like were going back not front

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Anonymous says2013-03-08T17:12:57.200
I Agree we Should Wear Uniforms
Anonymous says2013-04-19T18:06:13.287
I think this is weird
Anonymous says2013-04-19T18:06:52.127
We should not wear uniforms
Anonymous says2013-04-24T16:43:25.477
Uniforms are stupid.. Uniforms take away the creativity and the way they express themselves.. When you wear uniforms, you feel all locked up inside and you dont feel like anyone knows who you really are...
adam23 says2015-05-04T15:34:26.240
Unifoms are boring