• I have to reunify double Korea into one.

    No Koreans should have hoped that their nation got divided into two stupid big nations:America and Russia. I'm Japanese, but I'm going to quit being it in order to save Koreans by saving North Koreans from being hungry, and Koreans all over the world by reunifying double Korea into one. In order to achieve it, I have to make America, Russia, China and Japan my opponents, otherwise, how can we reunify double Korea into one? Whenever I say I've been wanted to reunify double Korea into one, everybody says I am crazy. But no matter what any people say, I'm going to achieve it. Otherwise, who will do that? Nobody will try. So, I have to reunify double Korea into one to save Koreans. Making Korea great again does not work at all, so it's important to make Korea the greatest in the world and its history.
    Everybody in Japan(not really) are very rasists against Koreans, so I hate being such the rasistic Japanese.
    It says to have most possibility to happen that the one occupy the other one, but I'm going to stop it:that's not the way what I hope. I need a reunification without any wars.
    And to Koreans, I love you and Korea.

  • We need to reunifie

    KOREAA IS ONE and I am korea. The economy is growing and if we reunite, our economy is going to grow up. Some experts say that if korea reunite, their economy is gonna be simular to germany. And if we reunite our land will increase and many people could meet together .


    Korea is one. 우리나라 만세!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think North Korea should reunify.

    I think our economics will be better if we do. Our economics will be better because we will be able to earn money by North Korean underground resources, and tourism. There is a lot of chance to become wealthy, because of the underground full of chances to find new resources, and cool attractions like mountains, hotels, and other cool attractions.

  • Ha it very funny that you guys say that

    Are you saying just let that poor divided family?Do you know the pain? Im korean one of my family is in north korea. Would you like to go to north korea? Those people in north korea doesnt know what human right means they finally know when they escape their country. They leave their family and escape if they get caught he and their family dies.
    If you guys say no its mostly because of economic problem but do you know that we are using a lot of money in milatary to fight with them if we unify we could use our teck to find and use north koreas resource that would be used to make north koreans healthy. If you don't know the pain stay out

  • North Korea and South Korea should not reunify.

    Did you know that Korea is currently the only country in the world that is divided into two? Since the end of the Korean war in1953, the country has been separated into North and South, a dictatorship and a democracy. Many people and even schools teach Korean students that Korea has to reunite. However, this is not a wise idea for several reasons.

    Firstly, North and South Korea separated for very good reasons. The political, economic, and social differences were insurmountable. A divorce was the only answer of the time. Korea coming together again would be like divorced parents being forced to be together again. They divorced because they had lots of big problems between them, and life would be better apart. Does it make sense to marry again? No. It would be the same as someone trying to finish a puzzle, but the pieces do not go together.

    Second, there needs to be equivalent economics between North and South Korea before reunification could ever be possible. However, North Korea's economy is not nearly as strong as South Korea's. Some say that if they unite, North Korea's natural resources and South Korea's technology combination could create a booming economy. Unfortunately, there is no evidence about the abundance of North Korea's natural resources, particularly timber.

    Finally, South Korea is flourishing as its own country. Why would we invite this aggressive bully who has repeatedly threatened us to join our country? Advocates of reunification say that we should reunite. They state that a reunified Korea would be strong and powerful and it would heal the wounds of the past. Families would be reunited and the international shame of being the only country in the world that is separated would disappear. A few days ago, there was news about North Korean's life that they posted on Instagram. In the pictures, they had happy life with no troubles. However, all reports indicate that life in North Korea is anything, but happy and trouble free. The president of North Korea is an extremely harsh leader who tries to control every aspect of life using fear. On the other hand, South Korea values freedom and democracy. How could reunification ever work?

    To conclude, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) and Republic of Korea (South) should not be reunited. It will cause a lot of trouble. We separated for good reasons and should remain divorced. Our economies are much too different, and South Korea is a successful country the way it is today. Therefore, two Koreas should not reunite. A more realistic solution might be to just open North Korea to the world, and allow travelling between North and South. This will be much easier than reunifying.

  • We've passed a point of that being realistic

    It'd be nice if the two countries could unify, it'd be one less hostile relationship in the world, but it's not going to happen with the living cartoon characters North Korea is led by. They're much more interested in spiking the football for the world to see, dishing out empty threats to impress their own people and knowing the rest of the world isn't going to shut them up. They're not concerned with what is best for the planet.

  • No, North Korea would bring abuses to South Korea.

    No, Korea should not be reunified, because the problems in North Korea would move to the South. There is so much suffering in North Korea, that if the two were unified, it would cause more harm than good. In addition, there is too much animosity between North and South Korea in order for a unified Korea to have peace.

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