• Laptops should be in schools.

    Laptops should be in schools because laptops will be much faster then text books. Laptops have more information then text books . Laptops are much faster to look up things. I am doing a servey and mostly every one in my class said yes and only three people in my class said no

  • Allows Students to Stay Organized

    Students prefer using laptops to take notes over paper and pencil methods because it is neater to type, and takes up less room. Many schools already require typed papers in English, history, and foreign language classes, and having your own computer makes it much easier than having to use a flash drive to transfer documents between school computers and your own device.

  • Less paper demand, more trees saved and a better environment.

    We use computers everyday of our lives. I think us kids should be allowed to have laptops at school. This also helps the teacher because instead of students losing their assignments, they have it saved in their computers. Therefore, I say yes to laptops in school for 6th-12th. Thank you.

  • We need to save paper

    We need to start saving the earths resources. In a few years the oil will have run out, and soon, who knows, the trees will begin to run out. Schools use thousands of packs of paper a year, meaning several thousand trees need to be cut down. Laptops eliminate this, plus are more organized, storing all the work in one place. Plus, they have less risk of being lost or blown around by the wind everywhere.

  • Yes

    Laptops have become a very important part of schools today. Not only should teachers and instructors have them but the students should have one also. The school could save so much money on books and paper if all the students had their own laptop. Every school should be working to a one to one situation.

  • Yes, but with limitations

    Most of a student's class time should be spent paying attention to an instructor and laptops should be off so as not to distract from interaction. However, there are some projects and other experiences that can successfully make use of computer as learning technology. When used appropriately and in smaller doses, it is fine.

  • Yes

    Yes I think laptops would be great if they were allowed in schools. As long as students did not surf the internet while they were supposed to be working, then they should be fine. It could be very helpful for research for the students, instead of going to the library. It can also help themas they get ready for college because many college students use laptops in classes.

  • Laptops, Calulators and Rulers

    A laptop is just another tool available to the student. In the 50's it was slide rules. In the 70's it was calculators. In the 00's its the laptop or more accurately mobile computing device. There are more important things for students to do than calculate square roots with a pencil and paper. The whole universe is accessable through an internet enabled laptop. Why would we restrict access to that?

  • Laptops in school are very helpful

    Projects are neater and easier to hand in to the teacher. Also students have there laptops are every where and there for they can research any thing any time. And though using laptops students can save lot and lots and lots of paper. That is why I think that laptops in school are awesome.

  • Laptops are wanted!

    Yes, we all know that little kids seem to smash and destroy electronics such as a laptop but were talking about projects, not playing video games or a PC version of Call Of Duty. Plus projects can be portable now with a laptop. You can work on them at home, and or at school. Yes we do have the slackers ounce and a wile but what about people like me who are straight A students? I mean who agrees that textbooks can get boring and don't expand your learning criteria? So i know your saying, " Why should i care about your grades?" Well i have a question, would you like to do work paper and pencil, or computer and typing? Either way you'll get a grade, but which was do you constantly are interested in and ACTUALLY care about what your doing? Probably the laptop.

  • No laptops shouldnt be allowed in schools

    I not only as a con but as a person who tried bringing his laptop for school. I saw who that everyone that had a laptop with them are enjoying their time while others are not and that is unfair. Students say that they bring their laptops for project while in truth there is no project they only want to play with it. It is also not good for saving information let’s say you have written everything from the teacher has said and you have solved your homework on it and suddenly you’re laptop shut down without saving, or you have saved and you’re laptop gets damaged and needs format in that case you need to format it and all of it will be deleted. And another reason why I say that laptops shouldn’t be allowed in schools is that you’re hand writing time by time well get worse and that may affect you at the moment or in the future. And one of the most common problems that schools that allow laptops face that is when a laptop gets lost they start to blame the school or their friends that they have stolen their laptops. Another thing is that what if your laptop falls and gets broken and can’t get fixed. What if a student copy his friend work on a flash that way by the number of cheating will increase in schools. And if students continue using laptops by time their eyes will get hurt.

    Posted by: fadi
  • The paper issue

    Our school has laptops, so I'm saying this with actual experience. I can see how a lot of the "for" side would think it would save paper, but it does not, especially when we need to print assignments. The printer often gets jammed when the students are all trying to print at once, and later in the day, dozens and dozens of papers fly out of the printer, and not one of them is used. This happens often, and usually what people do is reprint it from another printer that is further away. (and they usually forget to print back to back!)

  • Laptops are expansive

    Some parents cant afford the laptop so then some kids have laptops and some kids don't have laptop but if the schools pay for it then it would be okay in my opinion. Yes laptops are help full but you are most likely to remember when you write it down. Thats why i think we shouldn't have laptops in classrooms.

  • Laptops should not be permissive for the students in school

    They should not be permitted because it distracts the students as well as the teacher.And also laptops could be a barrier for the student teacher relationship. Further more all children in the particular school could not afford to buy laptops...... So its better not to allow laptops in school :)

  • No because of games

    Laptops can distract students. I have seen students playing games on there computer. A lot of times people are not listening to the teacher because they are playing on the computer. Sometimes kids leave there computer on there desk so when there done they can play games on it when there not supposed to and that is a huge problem!

  • Laptops should not be aloud in schools.

    If you think about it, the computers do all the work for you. Spell check, where commas, and periods go. If you write your notes out by hand it helps you remember them. Its a scientific fact. In schools, students use laptops to do research and all the other stuff. If you use BOOKS... I know you guys have probably never heard that word. This is coming from a 13 year old. I prefer books over laptops. It helps me remember the notes that I have taken. I do love my electronics but not when i'm taking notes.

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