Should Laptops Be Provided to Students in Schools Instead of Textbooks?

  • Benefits of using laptops than books

    Looking at the numerous benefits of using laptops rather than using books in schools, I will just point out three benefits. One of them is that having a laptop rather than books reduce the amount of money families have to spend each year on books. A family with two children can send up to 500 euros a year on books, and this price do increase ever year. Secondly having laptop instead of books reduce the heavy
    weight student carry?According to Francisco M kovacs, president of the Kovacs faundation a philanthropic private institution confirm that 50% of Boys and 70% of girls that attend school have back pains. Thirdly using laptop rather than books is beneficial because there are about 300.000.000 tons of paper produced each year and nearly 4 billion trees are cut down worldwide according to ecology global network. So taking account of this three point laptops are better than books.

  • Laptops last longer and are economically beneficial

    Having to decide between using laptops or books it's better to go for the laptop , one of the reason is that laptops are less expensive to compare to books, a family with just only 2 child can spend about 500 euros and this amount of money do increase. Secondly we all know that how heavy school bags are, according to Francisco M kovac president of the Kovac faundation, a private philanthropic institution.

  • Laptops last longer and are economically beneficial

    Having to decide between using laptops or books it's better to go for the laptop , one of the reason is that laptops are less expensive to compare to books, a family with just only 2 child can spend about 500 euros and this amount of money do increase. Secondly we all know that how heavy school bags are, according to Francisco M kovac president of the Kovac faundation, a private philanthropic institution.

  • We need it

    Access multiple books with ease
    Less load to carry in your bag
    We save paper, ink and time
    It will be easier to update the information given in the textbooks
    An average high school student’s bag weighs 20-25 pounds, while a laptop only weighs 3-8 pounds
    While laptops are still expensive, ranging from 250-700 dollars each, the price of a single laptop compared to the cost of multiple textbooks is considerably less. The information gets outdated quickly and schools have to dig out more cash to purchase up-to-date textbooks.
    Teachers can also select certain parts of a book to use, instead of buying a book we only use half of.
    More organized
    You don’t have to worry about forgetting your books or notebooks at home.

  • Universal Access is Needed

    Inserting tools like a laptop into curriculum in order to teach research, writing, and presentation skills as well as produce students comfortable with the technology means every student needs access to the device every day and in every class. By having the schools purchase an entry level device for every student you also get standardization which allows teachers to manage the technology better. Textbooks would still be needed as digital textbooks are actually more expensive than paper ones (you buy a license for a set period, the license is a few dollars cheaper than a book, and the license expires much sooner than the book would wear out). Still, the ability to write more, share and email documents, integrate research and writing, and collaborate would be enhanced. Most parents purchase such devices for their kids anyway. As a parent, I would tell my daughter to expect to get a laptop from the school in 9th grade.

  • The future easy life of college.

    We should be given laptops for 3 reason. 1) we would be saving millions of trees. 2) It is said that all the heavy books being carried around school are causing back problems. And 3) Students wouldn't forget any books on their way to class because they will have a laptop which contains everything the need

  • Students should have laptops in school.

    Students should have laptops in school because this can make writing less tiring and it can save trees. I also think that we should have laptops because if you need to look something up it can be faster and easier. It could also hold a lot more stuff like documents, homework and info.

  • I think they should

    I think they should because as times changes so does the knowledge we are capable of receiving. Textbooks are outdated laptops are constantly getting up dated to the newest information and the internet have more facts than the textbooks do. Also having textbooks may cause back problems because they are heavy whereas laptops are not heavy and you can have multiple textbooks in one laptop.

  • Its so much easier than carrying books around

    If we as students had laptops we wouldn't have to carry around a whole bunch of heavy text books binders and note books if we injured our writing hand we wouldn't have to worry because we can type it up. All of our work would be easy to read and typed already instead of written and then typed too.

  • Yes they should

    It would be much easier. Using laptops allows students the ability to access the most recent information. If they are using a text book it can take some high schools up to 7 years to receive a newer version. If they had laptops the information they received would be updated and would help give them the education they deserve. It would allow them to keep up with the fast paced world.

  • If kids want a laptop, parents must pay the money for the student's own laptop

    Schools should not give out laptops because:
    1: the school will not be able to afford a laptop for each student, this will make the school broke
    2: schools already have laptop carts with laptops to be used only in class, and library desktops
    3: if the school could afford laptops, they would bebad ones
    So that's why textbooks should not be replaced by laptops. Students should talk to their parents about getting a laptop for their own use if they want to have one

  • Students need to learn how to use books for reference.

    I say no because then students are not learning how to use a book for a reference. Without knowing how to use a textbook then what are you going to do if something happened to your computer? All I have to say is that if you let your kid use a computer all the time then what kind of education are you getting, when you can just look the answer up on the Internet all the time?

  • We Can't Afford It.

    While one could make the argument that a laptop is a more effective learning tool than a book, I think that it is safe to say that schools across the nation cannot afford such an endeavor. It simply would cost too much money to do this across the United States.

  • Read read read

    We as Americans pay taxes for children to get an education, most likely they won't if the are on an computer or electronic device too distract them from the purpose of receiving knowledge. Textbooks are not as distracting and they are most likely on topic of the subject that is pulled.

  • Stay With Textbook

    Laptops should not replace textbooks in schools. Making this change would be very expensive and most schools and students cannot afford to do it. You have to consider everyone when making a decision like this. Also, it is easier for a student to replace a book rather than a laptop.

  • Do not allow laptops

    Well, in my opinion, using laptops rather than textbooks would solve a major problem of carrying heavy loads between school, house and tuition. But this brings in greater problems.
    1)Parents need to invest a lot on these.
    2)Students often get diverted and teachers cannot have a check on the student's activities.
    3)Students lose the book reading hobbies and get interested in digital-reading.
    4)they get addicted to it and no control on them would be possible.
    5)Long hours of laptop-watching leads to eye problems and mental problems.
    Hence they must not be encouraged.

  • No Textbooks Should Remain

    Human education has depended on writing ever since the Mesopotamians touched a reed to a tablet of mud. Now, ever since 3 years ago when the iPad came out, education going to transform to notebook computers? What happen to the skills of reading to find info , and along the way learning even more? Are they going to be replaced by using Google in the classroom? Laptops in the classroom are still acceptable as long as the teacher can monitor what's happening on there and they are use minimally for certain projects or demonstrations in the class.

  • Attention spans will shorten

    Being a senior in high school now, It is useful to have a computer when you need it, but having a textbook when I am trying to learn is much more useful to me. I also get tired of looking at a computer screen if I am on it for more than an hour, so I could not look at one for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  • Students will depend on technology! !

    You see kids asking their parents for a computer, cellphone or tablet... Think about it you dont know if your students are going on other websites such as social sites , playing video games also being in other inappropriate sites.. You cant control what they are doing theres proxy sites that unblock stuff for students. However they will depend on technology instead of doing the work themself they will look it up or ask someone on the internet.

  • Yes, it would be very helpful

    I am a student of 6th grade, and I think its much better than normal notebooks.
    1. You save trees
    2. It is easier
    3. It makes writing less tiring
    4. It makes learning more cool and interesting
    5. If you need to search something, you just do it
    6. You can use it several years, not just one year

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