Should Laptops Be Provided to Students in Schools Instead of Textbooks?

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  • Cause laptops are better

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  • If we have laptops we wont have to carry a ton of things in our back pack.

    If you have a ton of things in your back pack it will weigh down your shoulders and hurt your back and will have back problems so the point being is if you have a laptop you wont have to carry a ton of things in your back pack .

  • Losing your books

    Our books could get lost way more easily than a laptop, because there is so much of them but with laptop it is only one accessory in comparison to at least ten for secondary school, so therefore in my opinion books should definitely be abolished for a less complicated life

  • Yes students should have laptops in school.

    The reason for my argument is to say that I am a SGMS student in Parker CO and it helps to have a laptop rather that a text book. I personally work better with a laptop but the only reason that I still use textbooks to work is when I am assigned to use one.

  • Laptops, I think yes!

    Throughout middle school and my first two years of high school, the schools had provided every student with laptops. Students would pay a $30 fee for the laptop that year. If the students grades lacked or they could not pay other fines or fees the laptop was revoked. I moved my sophomore year to a school that did not provide this luxury to its students and realized how nice it was having them. Doing work at home was easier because I didn't own a personal laptop. I could easily do research, type a paper, and was able to carry around all my textbooks without straining my back.

  • It hurts our backs!

    Our text books are so heavy it hurts our backs and we could brake our backs also known as our spines! :( But laptops can save our backs. :) Besides, laptops are better because all your textbooks are in one laptop. So that is why I like laptops ... Ok!

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  • If kids want a laptop, parents must pay the money for the student's own laptop

    Schools should not give out laptops because:
    1: the school will not be able to afford a laptop for each student, this will make the school broke
    2: schools already have laptop carts with laptops to be used only in class, and library desktops
    3: if the school could afford laptops, they would bebad ones
    So that's why textbooks should not be replaced by laptops. Students should talk to their parents about getting a laptop for their own use if they want to have one

  • Students need to learn how to use books for reference.

    I say no because then students are not learning how to use a book for a reference. Without knowing how to use a textbook then what are you going to do if something happened to your computer? All I have to say is that if you let your kid use a computer all the time then what kind of education are you getting, when you can just look the answer up on the Internet all the time?

  • We Can't Afford It.

    While one could make the argument that a laptop is a more effective learning tool than a book, I think that it is safe to say that schools across the nation cannot afford such an endeavor. It simply would cost too much money to do this across the United States.

  • Read read read

    We as Americans pay taxes for children to get an education, most likely they won't if the are on an computer or electronic device too distract them from the purpose of receiving knowledge. Textbooks are not as distracting and they are most likely on topic of the subject that is pulled.

  • Stay With Textbook

    Laptops should not replace textbooks in schools. Making this change would be very expensive and most schools and students cannot afford to do it. You have to consider everyone when making a decision like this. Also, it is easier for a student to replace a book rather than a laptop.

  • I think that we should use a pen and paper

    Firstly, people have been using pen and paper of ever! Think if one day the computers just broke down what are u going to do! Yes there is onedrive but, if you're like me you forget to save things to that! If your computer breaks down your school work is all gone!

  • No they shouldnt because

    If they do change it to computers they wont learn, and its very disturbing if they put on music and stuff. Im also saying no because they would probably cheat on a test, and you know kids they wont take care of it, and there is a lot of stuff kids shouldn't be learning today that are not for their age to be seeing, although they may know more about computers it isn't right to just let them get what they want.

  • Laptops Arent Good In School

    Laptops could have false facts for something your trying to look up. Also They could break down and the school would have to pay to fix them. The school would have to pay for all the laptops depending on how many students there are in the school and it would waste money for school trips and dances and all that...

  • Why should we use laptop its useless

    OK laptop are you are so weak,dangerous because what if contacted water it would be in fire and you can get electrocuted. They give you eyes strains,headaches and they cost lot of money. Do you think a school could buy 100 or 200 laptop and they distracted you and much more. SO this my opinion hopefully i give reason why we don't need laptop.

  • Textbook are good reason

    Well they are, not healthy ,they find weird stuff in the internet,they are an distraction,they play mine craft (that bad game ),there not good for your minds,and they bad for your eyes and head.Well hopefully this helps,sorry for my grammar.Well good luck with your school and family , this the reasons why textbook is better ok!

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