Should law allow children to make physical changes to their bodies? Eg. Plastic surgery at 10,!E sex changes at 7

  • They should because if their parents let them then yes they should and it's not against the law either.

    I think that children should be allowed to make physical changes to their body because, if they have permission, then let them. Also because there is no law they say children can't do that so I believe they can if they choose to and will if they want to. Bye

  • No, those are adult decisions.

    Kids may grow to love and accept themselves more as they are older. They are too young to make those decisions. Allowing children to make those decisions so young and so quickly probably only perpetuates the idea that they are not enough and need to "change" to meet the demands of society. I think it is important that people develop their self-confidence and understand who they are before they decide to make those kinds of decisions. If children are uncomfortable with themselves, chances are such changes won't resolve those problems. I think it is better to teach them to love themselves as they are. When they are adults they can make big decisions, but they are too easily influenced by peers and social influence at a younger age.

  • Of course not

    If the law bans under age drinking, driving, tattoos, and politicians, why should a physical change be allowed. It is well known that children's brains are developing, so why should a decision like this be allowed. A decision such as this, should not be left up to a developing brain as it is highly likely that regret will set in with depression as a follow up. Also, their bodies are still in development. Just because no one says they can't, does not mean they should.

  • I have already stated my opinion in reply to the one person that said yes.

    Ill say a little bit here to meet the word count. Children are children. Undeveloped. Naive. Encouragable. Very impressionable. They shouldnt be allowed to decide what to eat for dinner let alone make a permanent physical change to their bodies.
    If a little boy puts on his mothers heels and walks up to her and says "look mommy, im a girl" That doesnt mean that he is a girl. It doesnt mean that he feels like he is a girl in a boy's body, and it certainly doesnt mean he should be changed into a girl. Its child abuse. Kids cannot give consent. They cant give consent to intercourse and they cant give consent to this garbage either.

  • They Should Not Be Allowed to Until They Are Well Beyond That Age

    I think that children should not be allowed to physically until they are much older. Children and teens often do not look at the whole picture and simply do what they think is right at the moment while they are running on adrenaline. They do not always make the best decisions. Now I understand that kids who consider themselves transgender really want to, but they should at least wait until they are in their teens.

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