• Americans would never suffer 33000 deaths a year

    From a preventable illness, yet they will when it comes to those shiny guns.
    I ask the same question of each and every firearm advocate out there. What is the number of gun deaths are you comfortable with and how many before you start to think something should be done?
    Obviously its more than 33000 otherwise you would not continue with the same lame ass reasons to keep the status quo as it is.

  • Yes, mass shootings in America have gotten out of control; we need regulations on firearms.

    Without stricter gun control legislation, mass shootings in America are only going to get more numerous. It has been allowed to reach the appalling point of becoming America's new normal; instead of feeling shocked when we hear about a mass shooting, we feel only resigned and sad. A lack of gun control has made it far too easy for guns to fall into the hands of terrorists, criminals, and other dangerous people, leading to massacres like the ones in Newtown, Orlando, and Virginia Tech, among many many many others. We need to follow Australia's lead and ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines or risk watching America's melting pot transform into a river of blood.

  • Yes, lawmakers should pass legislation that makes it harder to get firearms

    Yes, lawmakers should pass legislation that makes it harder to get firearms. There is something wrong with the fact that guns are so easy to get in this country. In order to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, lawmakers should pass legislation which makes these firearms much harder to get. This will help to keep people safe.

  • Lawmakers should pass gun control legislation

    Lawmakers should pass gun control legislation making it more difficult to obtain firearms. The Second Amendment includes a part about a well regulated militia. These does not apply to individuals. People do not have a need for semi-automatic weapons. Arming people does not make society safer, but will increase deaths, including those from accidents.

  • Yes, it is essential that gun control legislation be enacted

    The argument for 2nd Amendment rights to bar any legislation regarding gun control is, to put it mildly, nonsensical. With more gun crimes than any other developed nation, the United States is clearly in dire need of regulation on the use and purchase of firearms. Legislation would protect innocent citizens while still enabling law abiding citizens to own the weapons they desire--just with some oversight and a longer time frame.

  • Yes to more Gun Control

    The American government should make it much harder to get a gun, it’s just too easy to get one. Take Japan for example, guns their can only be used for research and competition and nothing else. With the heavy regulations, gun related crime is at an all-time low there.

    Having this or regulations like Japan or similar to those of the U.K. and Norway (which are strict but not as strict) would make the U.S. better, for everyone.

  • No. Not at all.

    If you've ever bought a gun than you would know that it isn't exactly easy. I urge you rather than just listening to the media who is constantly trying to shove their "gun control" narrative down your throat, to go and actually try to buy a gun. I think that you will find it is slightly more difficult than you would think.

    The Second Amendment doesn't just give us the right to bear arms, it says that right "Shall not be infringed". Letting the government create "gun control" laws is doing just that, infringing on our rights. And once we open the door to letting the government do that, theres no saying where they'll stop. Freedom comes at a cost, you may not like that cost, but I guarantee it's far better than the cost of any unfree country.

  • Laws don't help.

    Maybe they should make it illegal to murder others. Oh wait, it already is. You see, if you are planning on killing someone, you have no regard for the law in the first place. The only people who be effected by gun laws would be those not planning on murder.

  • NO to infringement of our rights

    The question should really be stated more clearly.

    Should legislation be passed to make it harder for non criminal, law abiding citizens to get a firearm? No, absolutely not. What would that solve? Nothing. Why would anyone willingly give up a right provided to us in the constitution? I should not have to pose an argument for why I want a firearm when we the people already have the right to purchase one.

    On the other hand, NON citizens or convicted felons with (violent) priors should not be able to legally purchase a firearm. Vendors also have the right to refuse sale to suspicious persons.

  • No he shouldn't

    Fire arms should be easier to get, people need to defend themselves and the government has no right to infringe our civil liberties. In Switzerland guns are really easy to get, yet they have 42 homicides a ear out of the whole nation, while Brittan made them illegal and they have 658 homicides a year, so which one reduces crime? Disarming your population or respecting peoples civil liberties.

  • Nope nope nope

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • It will only hurt law abiding.

    With 300,000,000 guns in this country you really think some "feel good" laws are going to stop criminals? Face it, we're a country built around firearms. It's how we took this country, and how we kept it. I'm not going to debate the past or morals and ethics. The laws that liberals propose just aren't logical. Law abiding citizens should be allowed to take on the responsibility that a firearms offers to protect themselves.

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