Should learners be paid an allowance by government

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  • Earn your pay.

    I swear, each year kids get lazier. Long ago, kids (not adult) didn't get paid. If the worked, their parents got the money. That was because the parents payed all the bills so the kids they payed to raise could help fund the family until they came of age and started families of their own. Now, not only do kids expect to keep their pay but earn money for doing chores or just because they live there. Today, it seams, kids expect to be paid just staying in school after they have graduated and reached legal age. If staying in some form of school was the criteria then someone could stay in college the rest of their lives just so they never have to actually work for a living. Sounds far fetched but if someone can abuse a system for personal gain, they will. With more and more people thinking that they are entitled to everything just because they exist, this too will likely be taken advantage of forcing people that actually work for a living to pay all their bills.
    Look, I understand that not everyone has parents that can afford to pay all their college expenses. Too bad, their parents earned that money so they can spend it on whatever they like. If your parents can't afford to send you to college, you still have options. Work you butt off in school and you may get a grant or scholarship. Because they may not pay for everything, you may also have to work a job while going to college and/or take out a student loan. If you land a career that pays very well, you should be able to afford a decent living and pay off the loan(s).
    Thing is, not everyone is destined for college. No problem. There are many jobs that you can get without a degree. Maybe you have a talent that you can pursue like carpentry so that you may have your own business someday.

  • The decision to pay students allowance is not for the government; it is for parents.

    To be paid through the government is to be paid through taxation, and taxation is theft. The government should not force or pay students to go to school. Parents can send their child to school, and many parents already pay their children for their efforts, usually based on their child's grades.

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