• The USA was built by white people for white people

    Making white people a minority in the nation our ancestors built is racist. Filling white nations with replacement levels of non whites is a hate crime. White people have the right to be in charge of their own destiny. Giving away our children's birthright because we are afraid people who do not like us will call us racist is just dumb. White people who are not smart enough to figure out that white people will be second class citizens if we are not the majority cannot be allowed to give our nation away. Homogenous societies simply work better. Societies with more than one culture end up with a dictator or laws restricting freedoms. They also are not safe if there is a problem with resources.If the economy goes bad and their is not enough to go around multi-cult populations break up along ethnic lines and start killing each other for what is left over. Borders sprung up along language and ethnic lines for a reason and nothing has changed. Already in the USA white people are the victims of non white criminals in giant numbers. The hostile elite that controls the West blames white people for all the non whites problems and teaches this to their children. We already have enough non whites in the West and do not need anymore. They will never assimilate if they are allowed to become the majority.

  • No social skills

    Immigrants should be able to speak the mother tongue of the country they are entering with our it being an expense to tax payers. It has been done and we should stop the handouts in Canada and screen people better so that we have decent neighbours and not people coming here with high school mentality's. Why would you go to a country and not be able to talk to your neighbour I feel in Canada that we are going to regret this one day very very soon it we do not pull on the reigns.

  • Ethnic pollution is wrong

    I am Swedish so excuse my English Muslims have been shipped over here for years on end and don't show any signs of stopping their religion is sinful and is completely against the Scandinavian cross seen on our flag not only that but what bothers me the most is the ethnic diversity Swedish people should be descended of primarily vikings, sami and last but not least Swedish African slaves as they were forced here and have every right to be here that we do so I guess the message is stay out of Sweden if you are not Swedish so that means no to you Americans and Englishmen and especially you Muslims and Asians.

  • No more immigrants

    We cannot afford the ones that are here already and you people really want more people put into an economy that has an 8 percent unemployment rate not to mention all those people who want full time jobs but can only find part time jobs or the people that want better paying jobs. Give me a freaking break!! America at least should hold off immigration for 5-10 years until Americas economy can heal. Illegal immigration needs to stop indefinitely.

  • We can't support our own, how can we take more?

    The health service is crippled. Schools are full, the police are stretched, the roads are overcrowded, as are our cities. Housing is in shortage and there are too many single mothers having eleventeen kids on the state. Taxes are too high because we have to pay for all of the above. Anyone claiming immigration is still a good idea hasn't considered all the facts.

  • Yes This country is full and it is time to be done with immigration.

    There are too many cultures and languages. Most the people who come here are poor and uneducated. They want the opportunities but don't want to learn our ways and laws-much less respect them. We have no common core or unity in this country anymore. We have lost our national identity and common values. We are becoming a nation of alienated strangers. Kindness and humanity is slipping away. Immigration is destroying our country.

  • No more non-white immigration

    As white countries become increasingly faced with the prospect of becoming a " minority " in their own country we should take measures to prevent this. We let people from non white countries come here to live who don't necessarily share the same values and morals we do, like Muslims. I Worry that in 20 or so years when there are more of them than us what our country will look like. Will our children and grandchildren vstill be afforded the same rights as we do or will they be living under Muslim sharia law. Stop the influx now and preserve our culture...And there is nothing rascist in that.

  • No

    Legal immigration should not be stopped. Illegal immigration is what needs to be stopped. If some one comes here legally and earns their citizenship I am fine with that. I do not like it if some one just comes here and lives on the US because they are playing the system.

  • No Point to Ending Legal Immigration

    Without a doubt, the United States shouldn't stop legal immigration because it's beneficial in so many ways. Legal immigrants come to this country with degrees and other skills that can improve the United States in so many ways. We should focus on ending illegal immigration and improving our legal immigration system.

  • Would you not miss a mixed society? (I'm only 14 so please cut me some slack aha).

    I get very angry when I see rude comments about immigrants and how they shouldn't be allowed to immigrate even if it is legal, and that they should stick to their own country. Another thing which bothers me is when people say that immigrants should be allowed into the country, to help the economy. Is that all you would miss out on when it comes to legal immigrants? The money? I don't think so. What would the world be like if the British stayed in Britain? If the Indians stayed in India? If nobody left the country they were currently living in? I think I have a fairly rough idea of what the world would be like. Many British, Americans and Europeans enjoy curry, am I correct? So imagine, no Indians or Pakistanis or any Asians for that matter, left their country, and could not share their exotic, unique and different recipes with the rest of the world, and vice versa. That is only one example out of many but imagine being sick of the country you are living in and not being able to immigrate. I'm sure that would be painful knowing that there could be much better places or areas to live in than the place where you are living, and not being able to do anything about it. We would be missing out on so much and without immigrants, our lives would not be the same as what they are today. Rant over.

  • Let More In And Stimulate the Economy!

    Most people make the assumption that more people coming in means more jobs taken away. On the surface this appears to be common sense.
    HOWEVER, when you consider each person's role as not only a worker but a consumer and that consumption creates jobs this assumption becomes shaky. In fact in some cases immigration increases the number of jobs. Not all the time. But it can. And sometimes it may reduce jobs in the short-term while helping in the long-term because children tend to do better than their parents and have more money to spend as adults.
    In our case I'd wager that outsourcing is a much more serious problem and because of outsourcing many immigrants will be taking our jobs even more so by staying home. When they stay home they aren't consuming in America and so not contributing as much to our economy as they would have but they still take our jobs, in fact it becomes much easier since wages and benefits are typically lower in their home countries.
    If we deal with outsourcing and correct our trade imbalance letting in more immigrants would probably yield a large increase in not only jobs but the quality of jobs in this country because they would not only be new consumers but would be consuming a larger quantity of American-made products.

    Another important issue is that America is predicted to enter a demographic transition where we stop having as many babies. That also happened in Europe and Japan. Some of those countries are practically begging women to have children. Why? Because if not enough new children are born it becomes harder in the future to provide social security. Social security already has problems. We need more people in this country to provide the population base to support social security in the future. You will be old someday. You want your golden years to be good ones.

    Letting in more legal immigrants would also greatly diminish the incentive for illegal immigration. Right now it can take up to 20 years to get approved. That's not to justify illegal immigration. I'm AGAINST amnesty unless you are a child in which case you had no choice. Any adult who was an illegal immigrant before should be excluded from legal immigration. Doing so would send a message: We're not anti-immigrant and we're not racist. We just prefer that immigration be a lawful, orderly process! That would make people in the future think twice about trying to immigrate illegally.

  • No let them in.

    I don't think it's right for Americans to not let immigrants come to America. Not all countries have the rights of freedom. People should not be left out because they are a different religion or color. Most people don't have the ability to learn their practices in their own countries.Isn't America suppose to be called the "Melting pot"?

  • No

    Legal immigration shouldn't be stopped because all people deserve to live in a country even if they weren't born there. Besides, these people are actually trying to enter a country following the laws, unlike some people who just sneak across the border.Because of economic conditions, cultural, social and political developments in Lebanon, and also the difficult living faced by each individual living in this country and especially the Palestinian who does not have any right.

    Posted by: Jhon
  • Nothing wrong here

    Legal immigrants can be enriching to the country and help us socially and economically. They are doing no wrong wanting to be here, and cannot be faulted if they go about it the right way. Immigrants are what created this country, we can't just slam the door on them and say we're full.

  • Stop Illegal Immigration

    Legal immigration is how our country was settled. The form and rules of that legality may have changed, but the result is the same. We have some of the finest minds in the world within the borders of the United States due to legal immigration.
    The problem isn't with legal immigration, it is with illegal immigration, or 'sneaking across the border.' Those who do this need to be sent back to their country of origin post haste. Some have worked for years, along all the right channels, keeping firmly with all the rules, and deserve to be citizens of our country. Those who think they can sneak in and receive the benefits with none of the responsibility should be sent packing.

  • Job loss in America

    In America we have a huge shortfall of Math and Science graduates. This is causing problems for our IT industry to hire qualified workers. Companies like Microsoft have two choices, move the jobs overseas or move the workers to the US. The workers they migrate legally to the US pay US taxes on high paying jobs and help create other jobs as these workers eat at US restaurants, buy from US stores, and rent/buy US houses. We would be hurting ourselves more than we know if we stop importing the one product we need....Employees.

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