• It should be eliminated because they don't state anything.

    They should be eliminated because they don't do anything. You could be really good at your homework and have a A in that class. And then when a test comes up, you get a D. And it brings your grade down to a C or D. That isn't right. Grades don't tell anything to you or anyone else

  • Accurate and easy to understand

    Letter grades are not more accurate than percentages; an A could be 95% to 100%, and to me, a 100% should be instantly recognizable, not shrouded by a letter. Percentages are easy to calculate; you can determine points based on a rubric, and assign points accordingly. Letter grades are more general; you don't involve numbers, so there is no way to logically and mathematically explain the grade, it is just what the teacher feels like.

  • Kids in general

    If kids are struggling and trying their hardest but still getting f,s then they shouldn't be based on f's, rather than trying their hardest that's what should count and f's shouldnt have a percentage for example 33.43 percent is an f but so is 55.73 percent that's still an f. That right there shows improvement by a perventage. If they keep the letters it should just be A thru D that way all kids still pass but they feel better about their selves if they come home with straight C's then the kid would show that he is doing great and he is average. The parents would be happy to and if both the kid and parents are happy then before you know it the kids may be getting B's or even A's instead of keeping keeps behind and failing and then throwing them into dt for failing or getting dcfs involved for failing grades,loosing kids over failing grades or locking up parents and taking kids away and throwing them into foster care. Each child should get a chance to pass when they are trying their hardest.

  • There is no point in letter grades.

    Every day, i see students getting stressed because of their grades. Wouldn't you be happier with just a percentage grade? Knowing that's your grade isn't so terrible or not knowing at all, is so much better than being defined by a letter. Not having letter grades will boost students confidence.

  • What's the point?

    Okay, we all know that kids are stressing to get a certain letter in school. They are seriously stressing over getting their goal of achieving a letter grade! But seriously, is this showing growth? School is about extending your abilities, learning something new! The letter grades are simply useless! If you have a child in a class who gets everything, are they growing? What about if you have a child who is struggling, and studies every night, to only get a 'D' on their quiz! You know as well as I do that getting an F before the unit, and then getting a D is a huge improvement, especially for those who study the most. Letter grades should be eliminated, but they should be replaced by a growth amount.

  • Letter grades should be non-existent

    I rather see the percentage over a letter . A letter shows the ranges of our grade. For example , an A equals 90-100% . I would want to know the EXACT grade i got over an assumption. Say if i got a C. My parents will think i did bad , even if my grade was an 77 close to an B

  • Letter grades have no meaning

    Letter grades are fine for elementary school but after that point students need to realize that their work has an actual numerical value. Telling a student that they got a B on something only lets them know that they did moderately well on something, but telling students that they got an 87 on something gives them a better idea of the quality of their work.

  • Yes they should

    I mean, kids aren't scared of the report card itself, they're scared of their grades! Graes are useless because you could be really smart and get an a but not do well in an area. What does an a even tell you? It doesn't mean you're smart, they're plain useless

  • Letter Grades are Too Broad and Aren't A Proper Measurement

    Letters are not a legitimate measurement. Outside of school grades, using letters as a form of measurement does not exist and that's for a very good reason - because it's not precise. A A- is about 83% and a B+ is a 79%, where does the 80-82% go? How is it even measured? It isn't, because there's no actual conversion between the two. We use percentages because it gives us an actual idea of where we sit in a class and can actually measure it (assuming you can figure out grade 6 math). If you honestly think letter grades are better simply because that's "what we know" or it can be "used as a goal" you are just living in the past and refuse to listen to actual logical facts. Percentages are not hard to understand, it is basic math and is a fathomable measurement. I don't measure my ingredients with "A ml", I use 250 ml. Letter grades are a poor representation of your grade and don't give you any sort of indication of where you truly stand, only where you kind of stand in your class. If you get 23/30 of your test, you can't truly convert it to a letter grade, you convert it to a percentage by simple division and then that "translates" into a letter grade. Cut out the last step and teach our kids what percentage is. I guarantee we will look back on it in 10-20 years and say "why did we ever do that? That's so backwards" simply because it is. They need to be removed and replaced with the proper measuring system that is percentages. Math exists for a reason, people.

  • Standard Grading System Leads to Sub-Standard Education

    Worrying about letter grades negatively affects students in a large way. The way that our society is teaching students to learn is very unproductive. It makes them cram "short term learning" or the memorization of information before tests, quizzes, etc. If a student only memorizes say a formula temporarily for use on an upcoming test, the likely hood of them retaining that information is a lot lower than if they learn the same formula naturally via using it, practicing it, and understanding how it works. So, worrying about grades, and cramming the information not only distract them from "long term learning" the subjects that they are taking, but could also lead them to alternative methods if they are concerned enough, such as paying someone else to write essays or take tests for them, or even taking drugs like Adderall to help them finish an essay or study for a test which can begin a students downward spiral. In conclusion, when students worry more about what their grade is rather than actually learning, it leads to an overall sub-standard education. So what is the alternative? First of all, classes should be pass/fail. But how would a student show that they should pass? Demonstrate Understanding of information.

  • Accuracy and obscurity

    Letter grades help determine a student's performance. This method of grading is effective, and accurate. Students should have a way of differentiating between each other. This is an improvement from the systems before, giving a simple "pass" or "fail." This grading system equalized all those who tried and failed, and those who simply did not try at all.

  • Why not have both

    My kids ES switched to no-letter grades and I hate it. The terms "Approaches", "Meets", or "Exceeds" Standards is difficult for me to explains to my daughter, then throw in "Not currently being evaluated" and I lose her completely. As I understand it, these descriptions apply to what they are expected to know at the end of the school year. So all year she could be "Approaching" standard until the end of the year when she "Meets" or "Exceeds". It doesn't tell me how she did for each report card period. I believe that this information should be provided in addition to a letter grade. It is easier for an ES student to understand the letter grades and the detailed information is great for parents so we can help our kids. I asked our principle why they stopped letter grades and her response had to do with the lower level kids self esteem issues crap (my wording, her's was more politically correct). I get it to a point, but am not in full agreement with it. I want my kids to see where they rank among their peers. To try harder to gets A's or B's. And not to settle with C, D or F. That there are winners and losers. OK I'll stay away from the whole "no score and trophies for everyone" little league issue. And I'll concede that not all parents are as involved with their kids education as we are. But where is it going to end. We just keep dumbing down our school system until we get to a point where we have the "right" number of kids that get a diploma

  • We need grades!

    Grades encourage students to do better and learn the concept more. If there were no grades students wouldn't try. There would also be no way to monitor what level classes or types of schools students should go into. Students need grades in order to get motivated and to do well.

  • More Accurate System

    Letter Grades, being more accurate, will tell students where they are better. I see nothing wrong with giving percents as a system since there as accurate as letter grades (plus you can do math with your score to tell what percent you got). But the problem is the school counties. They change to NUMBERS, not the percentage. A 4 is 85% - 100% at my school while an A+ was 96% - 100% back with letter grades.

  • Don't eliminate letter grades!

    If children get bad letter grades, they will be motivated to work harder to get better letter grades. Letter grades also show how well a student is doing at school. A high score on tests would mean a better letter grade while a low score would mean a worse grade. Letter grades give an accurate score. They shouldn't be eliminated.

  • Really Easy to Understand

    Letter grades are more accurate than number grades for 1 reason only, Since there are more letters to use to grade someone than actual numbers the grading turns out to be more accurate. This is why the letter grades should NOT be eliminated. Have a good evening :) :) :)

  • No grades shown

    Grades give students a look at how they are doing in school. They tell students what to work on and what they are great at. Grades are important in letting students know how they can improve. Grades are a check in for teachers and for students. Teachers can figure out how to improve that particular students grades.

  • Letter grades for the go!!!

    With letter grades, the child understands what each letter means and about what percentage he or she got. Letter grades are also easier to strive for and are better for a child to process mentally. Letter grades have been around for so long that the child knows what each letter means and what they have to do to get better grades.

  • Number grading is confusing

    In my school we have a number grading system with 4, 3, 2 and 1's. Fours are 98% to 100% and A's are 90% to 100%. My parents think that A's are the same as 4's but there is a big difference. A 4 is much harder to get than an A.

  • Letter grades can become a problem

    Letter grades tell you the average achievement on a test or quiz. Some people who improved on a test or a quiz, but still got the F grade because he didn't meet all the requirements. This makes the person sad, they studied really hard and improved but still didn't reach the requirements to get a better grade.

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