Should letter grades be replaced with pass or fail?

  • Less chance of competition

    With no letter grades, there would be less extreme measures taken place to ensure that a person gets every single point on a test. This would decrease the stress putt on students as well. An NPR poll shows that 40% of high school students are stressed about getting a perfect 4.0 GPA, and are not focused as much on actually learning the material, but memorizing it before a test and then forgetting it. With a pass or fail system, students that are smart enough would be only passing and would have little stress in school, and, unlike the Con side said, the "less smart" students would be aware that they need help because if they were to always be right on the line between pass and fail that they would eventually fail and would be informed that they need help. Further more, without the stress of getting a perfect 4.0, students would be motivated to learn rather then memorize.

  • Letter grades should be replaced with pass or fail.

    There are some students who do way better than others in school. Why do you need to know exactly how much better? Knowing that you passed or failed should be enough. Most people would pass. If there are letter grades everyone would get all different letters and there would be more of a chance for people to think they are better than others?

  • Letter grade should not be replaced with pass or fail

    Letter grade should not be replaced with pass or fail. Because if you see fail on your test grade it will discourage you and our parents will think that we didn't try hard. Also pass and fail only means you did it or you didn't do it. If we got good score but or support is bad, what should we say. Pass? Fail? So my option is to not replaces with pass or fail.

  • We need letter marks

    With the pass or fail nobody will know that when they pass they won't know by how much. When people say that it takes of stress teens should stress about their marks because it normal if they don't there is something wrong. Students need to know that there is room for improvement so they can get the good marks they need to pass not just telling them that they passed or failed

  • Letter grades should not be replaced with pass or fail.

    Students should know exactly what grades they are getting so they know which areas are needed to be improved upon. A pass or fail is as vague as it gets. A student might have achieved a pass, but if its just above the provincial standard they need to know, and so do the parents. That way they know they need to put in a greater effort. Also if a student just gets a pass or fail then it leaves less reason or encouragement for them to do the best that they can do. In which case the parents have no clue how their children are actually doing in school, or if they need to get their child extra help or tutoring.

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