Should Libraries Get Rid of Traditional Books and Replace Them With E-Books?

Asked by: Joey888
  • You will read this

    I just pushed yes because i want to be different and but i don't think they should i think they should keep books so ya i still have to type 20 words so random words, hockey fun read books dog cat bird good day golf Iowa ball red blue me

  • Add them - not replace books with them

    A good book is always nice to read, as well as use to decorate a room with. But Jimmy has already said all those things, so I'll just focus on the limitations of technology.

    E-Books need electricity, and some way to generate that. That's always going to cause problems, because every form of generating electricity has some flaws to it, and they are going to be useless if there is no way power them. Books can be protected from water damage if you know how and are just nice looking overall. Yea, they take up more space and are less efficient, but they don't require electricity to use and when it comes down to it, I would rather have a room full of really nice looking books on mahogany shelves that just looks gorgeous, rather than a Kindle laying on my bed, and I'd rather have an actual book I can read and hold, rather than an E-Book.

  • No, it is unwise to do that

    While it is true that print books has many disadvantages such as difficult and costly maintenance, not-up-to-date information and heavy weight, they bring about various undeniable benefits. Firstly, traditional books are perfect for house decoration to show off knowledge and richness of the owner. Also, they do not require electricity and internet to be used. Just imagine when your area is suffering a storm, a flood or even an earthquake. There will be no electricity, no internet and definitely no Kindle for killing time whilst waiting for rescue.

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