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  • Brian Rice should be punished for his negligence.

    Brian Rice arrested an innocent man for no reason other than perhaps "walking while black", and does not have to pay for what he did to Freddie Gray. If an ordinary citizen shackled another person and put them in the back of a van, shackled, (which is essentially what happened as this is a case of false imprisonment) and did not buckle their seat belt, causing the shackled person to die, they would to to prison for a very long time. It's unacceptable to let policemen get away with being the bully on the playground and Brian Rice should be in prison.

  • No, Lieutenant Brian Rice should not have been acquitted.

    Lieutenant Brian Rice should not have been acquitted in the Freddie Gray case. There were many negligent actions that caused the death of Mr. Gray, and Lt. Rice was involved in all of them. While he may not have exhibited a pattern of behavior such as was displayed in this incident, the fact that his actions led to a man's death should be cause enough for a conviction. While this may be a punitive decision, the political landscape is calling for it.

  • Lt. Brian Rice acquitted of murder charges

    Lieutenant Brian Rice, who was involved in the killing of Freddie Grey in 2015, has been acquitted of all charges. This is a terrible legal decision because it allows a murderer to walk free. It also shows how little the legal process cares for innocent black men because it chooses instead to reward their killers.

  • No, Freddie Gray was executed.

    Lt. Brian Rice was responsible for the execution of Freddie Gray. It is a terrible miscarriage of justice and proof that the system was broken that he has been acquitted of all charges relating to the case. Maybe he will quit work as a police officer out of shame and live alone for the rest of his life.

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