• Our Broken Idea of Fairness

    Our idea of fairness is really our interests. Stephen King says "Life is fair. We all get the same nine month shake in the box and then the dice roll. Some people get a run of sevens. Some people, unfortunately, get snake - eyes. It's just how the world is."

  • Life should be fair

    We as humans definitely should make life fairer. For example, people in my school judge me based on my behaviour, but those behaviour don't define me as a person. Also, people criticize me for enjoying life but they don't know how much I have grinded through life and how hard my life is

  • Treatment should Be Fair

    Growing up, most people notice a difference in how they are treated and the person next to them is treated. Some people could get away with murder- others you suspect it was them at first sight. Think about it: if we were all treated the same way, we would want to succeed more.

  • Life is not fair.

    As we go through life you should realize that it should be fair. Wrong life is very unfair. If we all just realize that People will be very happy. Do you know how boring life would be if life was fair. Thus saying tat life is not fair so suck it up.

  • Life Sucks So make it Fair

    Life is a really crappy thing we always have to go therough and we are just sick of it make it fair for everyone and nothing bad would ever happen again. Duh it just makes sense. Fixes war hate and lust just make the world fair and everything will be fine

  • It's how you see it.

    Life isn't fair or unfair, it's just on the way you look at it. If everyone had the same amount of money given, wouldn't you be annoyed that someone who didn't work got the same amount as you who worked really hard? You might say it is 'unfair' but before this happened, you would say it is 'fair'. Life will never be 'fair' to everyone meaning you can't change the world to fit everyone's personality. In conclusion, life is fair or it can be unfair, it is just the way you look at it.

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