• Yes they can

    I think they can. A kid is old enough to make their own decisions. If a kid watch a horror movie then they can either learn their lesson and not want to watch horror movies anymore. Or they could like the movie ad want to watch more horror movies. If a kid doesn't like horror movies they don't have to watch them but if they like them, then they should be allowed to watch them.

  • I don't have an opinion.

    If little kids thinks they can watch a horror movie they can watch it. I know I watched my first horror movie when I was 13, age 15 now. My 11 year old sister cries when she watches horror movies but my friends sister loves them, all and all it depends on the child

  • They are too young!

    They are too young. Their minds can't handle it. They aren't mature enough to be watching these types of things. They will have nightmares from watching such terrible things. I don't even know why people make these movies. They are freaky and most people won't watch them. I don't think they should be able to watch these things!

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