• Trials should be public

    Now that we have technology, we should use it to ensure that we have a fair legal process. Some people will argue that just seeing someone on trial will turn them against the defendant, but I think just the opposite. Many people assume guilt even though they know nothing of what is said in the courtroom. Judges and prosecutors also have to be fair when people are watching.

  • No No No

    These sorts of things make a fair trial difficult since the media tends to be bias on all issues. The media has huge manipulation over the population and therefore it could guide the thoughts of individuals who watch. If I had a penny for every time the media manipulated the masses i'd be the richest person on the planet.

  • No, live streaming of court trials should not be allowed.

    No, live streaming of court trials should not be allowed. There are many reasons, including invasion of privacy especially for young victims. The OJ Simpson trial started a trend of sensationalizing court proceedings, and while it was entertaining, it was also disturbing. For cases involving murder, sexual assault or abuse, especially those that involve children, trials should be kept private.

  • Courts should not permit live streaming

    Courts should not permit live streaming of trials. There is too much room for abuse, as edited versions can be transmitted to reinforce a certain point of view. There has been abuse in the media, such as the O.J. Simpson murder trial, with the defense essentially trying the case before the press.

  • Live Streaming Not in Best Interest of Judicial Process

    Live streaming of court cases can cause increased legal and judicial burdens for all. Court rooms are crowded with spectators and adding fuel to fires already kindled with live streaming puts more of the general population at risk. Risk has to be mitigated not encouraged by the media and others who seek to profit from others misfortunes.

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