• Prevents government progress

    Many things that have been shot down in government has been because of lobbysists. While lobbyists should represent the interests of some groups, they are making certain things more possible due to promised funding. This is essentially bribery. Simply looking at the medical field, there are many new vaccines that could prevent many diseases from taking hold. But many lobbyists are able to get vaccines shot down, simply because the treatment is more profitable than the cure. Lobbyists should go the same route the rest of us do. Take money out of the equation, and let democracy actually work.

  • Big Pharma drives FDA to sustain profitable chronic conditions instead of curative medicine.

    Big Pharma drives FDA to sustain profitable chronic conditions instead of curative medicine. Same can be said about EPA. Also it is the lobbying from prison system to be thanked that US criminal justice system is the most oppressive in first world. Arguments in favor of lobbying are trivially logically flawed and an easy sell only for dolts.

  • Lobbying No, Bribery Yes.

    Lobbying does help congress know about important political agendas. When funds are exchanged for a vote, or for the voting against a ballot that is the crime. Since this will never happen I vote to make lobbying illegal until we can remove the corruption that currently exist today in politics.

  • Lobbyism Needs to go

    Lobbyism is whats causing the corruption in our government today and has been going on for quite some thing. This is why we have these old windbags in the senate like Reid and McConnell. Two ass clowns who are bent on destroying our country through their liberal agendas on shoving Obamacare down our throats. It is Lobbyism that is the reason these gangsters are still breathing. We need to take this country back. And even Comcast has been giving money to OUR CONGRESSMEN!! GO to Washington and protest. In fact RIOT. Riot the streets until they get resigned

  • Corporatism is destroying freedom

    We see too much in DC is done to benefit big corporations who have the resources to influence politicans. The create a welfare for big corps while driving the little guy out of business and driving up cost for the individual citizen in the in form prices and taxes too. An example is the push for "immigration reform". Who's influencing the idiot Republicans to even be stupid enough to think of doing it, the very influential US Chamber of Commerce.

  • Yes it should

    One word CORRUPTION, It stinks of corruption and big corporations and bankers have far too much influence over Government decisions and it's against the public interest. Prisons being full up by private prison companies is just wrong. What is moral about profiteering from people being incarcerated? What is moral about profiteering from people being sick and incapacitated like the private health care system does? All wrong.

  • Lobbying should be banned

    Lobbying should be banned for various reasons, primarily I believe that lobbying is detrimental towards innovation and economic progress. For example, big corporations use lobbying as a method to ensure they succeed in markets and often overwhelm competition (which is beneficial for society), this blocks the growth of new entrepreneurs and small businesses, which in the long run has a negative impact on innovation and progress. This is due to the fact that since big corporations will have basically no competition, inefficiencies will be created in the market.

  • Lobbying is no more than legal bribery

    There is nothing more harmful to American democracy than lobbying. It essentially allows the super-rich to buy officials, and get them to take stances denying things like Global Warming and Evolution, and hurt the average citizen by allowing decreased regulation of pollution, and of course claiming that corporations are people. Of course, it probably never will be made illegal, because these lobbyists just spend more money to crush any opposition. This is why politicians don't fight against what is clearly bribery; they're either being paid themselves, or they fear million-dollar smear campaigns run by the lobbyists.

  • Lobbying is control of politicians by corporations.

    Lobbying is nothing more but politicians been paid off by corporations to have policies favored their way. Politicians have advisors to inform them about the policies and the negative&positive affects of them. You don't need a trip to the Bahamas by your "friends by Exxon" to tell you how the policy should go.

  • Yes only if you are a Christian or Jewish

    Separate Church and State
    Let that which is of Caesar be of Caesar There is too may politicians getting religion
    involved with policy. Not everyone is a Christian or a Jew some don't have any religion.
    We don't need the religious types running the country. We would be like Iran and those
    Countries where the religious fanatics run everything.

  • Lobbying should not be banned,

    Because it keeps the balance between the interest of the members of Congress, who are not in accordance with their constituents all the time, and the public interest. In spite of having elected a representative to represent us in Congress we should not be disentitled of our constitutional right to petition our grievances.
    The way it is done today with big corporations paying lobbying groups for enforcing/holding back a certain piece of legislation that would benefit/hurt them does not seem very democratic because this course of dealing disadvantages those folks who cannot afford to hire their own lobbyists. Also, they do not have the means to make big campaign contributions that would affect a representative's decision making.
    But apart from the unfairness of it there is also the aspect of transparency. I think we as voters have the right to know where the campaign contributions of the candidates running for an office originate from. So that we can make a healthy decision about our vote based on what we know about the various interest groups that exert influence on the candidate we are planning to vote for.

  • Lobbying is protected by the 1st amendment.

    The 1st amendment preserves our right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. This means that if there is something that I don't like, I can petition the government to change it. If I don't have time to petition the government myself, I pay someone else to do it. This is lobbying. For example, when you join the NRA you are paying them to lobby on your behalf. Also, not all lobbying is done by big oil companies. Ralph Nader, among others, lobbied for consumer protection, humanitarianism, and environmentalism.

  • No, there should not be a ban on lobbying in politics.

    Lobbying does a lot for the American people that they fail to realized, but it also does a lot to the detriment of our society. Lobbyists come from every industry, big businesses, medical research, and education. It is a way for these professions to be heard by the powers that be. Unfortunately, lobbyists for big business and national interest groups consistently abuse their position by offering millions and millions of dollars to both politicians and political campaigns. Every single dollar that goes into the coffers of a political campaign should be account for and traced back to where it came from and be made public knowledge. Don't want the American people knowing where your money came from? That, in and of itself shows that you are not working for the interest of the American people and you should not be allowed to run for a government position.

  • No, lobbying should not be banned from politics.

    Lobbying itself can serve for many good purposes. The problem is that lobbying is used unethically by many people to secure interests only for them, which might be disadvantageous to others. Therefore, good regulation is needed for the lobbying to be practiced fairly. Banning is not a solution to deal with the problems caused by lobbying.

  • No, Lobbyists Perform A Service

    No, lobbying should not be banned from politics – but it does need to have some controls put in place and enforced. Lobbyists represent more than just big business - they represent corporations, the medical profession, teachers and professors among many other organizations. Because of the sheer size and complexity of government, lobbyists perform a vital service by educating both the government and the public about their particular organization and its interests. Lobbyists bring issues out in the open and mount campaigns. It is only when lobbyists overstep their ground by using lavish gifts to sway a decision that they become a bad thing.

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