Should Long Island be its own state? Explain.

Asked by: JENYS
  • Two different places

    Most would agree that New York State is comprised to two principal communities, that is, upstate and New York City metro. Aside from what may be preferable nationally, I completely agree that New York City and Long Island should be a state in and of itself. The interests of upstate and "downstate" barely coincide and I can imagine that one ends up benefiting from the other, while the other acts as a host to a parasite. Aside from financial burden from one to another, upstate New York is much more agricultural and conservative politically-speaking than NYC and Long Island. I think a break-up would benefit the average New York citizen.

  • Long Island as its Own US State

    Yes. Instead of having to listen to any of New York's governors and laws, how about listening to its own governor and laws? That way, if New York creates its own law that becomes problematic, Long Island won't be affected at all like it is now, and besides, I live in Long Island, located east of NYC and south of Connecticut. For example, if New York wants to ban pets from all hotels, Long Island may allow pets in hotels, but it's up to each hotel owner. Also, if New York wants everybody to take Spanish before getting hired as a teacher, Long Island may not require it. Here are 5 of my many topics below:

    Topic 1: Traffic
    -RT 347's eastbound by Lake Grove merges right lane from 3 to 2, and it's been backed up. New York's not doing anything with it. Long Island would.
    -Traffic designs should be more decorative, luxurious and safer in Long Island that it is now.

    Topic 2: Education
    -Regents is getting more overwhelming than it has been. Long Island would actually make its own state test more relaxing.
    -Long Island's state test should be named LIT (Long Island Test) instead of having Regents from Albany.

    Topic 3: Geography
    -Long Island should have its own capital city instead of having to listen to Albany, like the rest of the state of New York. Personally, I think either Uniondale, Babylon, Farmingdale, Ronkonkoma, Riverhead, or Patchogue should rule Long Island.
    -Long Island has 2 boroughs from NYC (Brooklyn and Queens) and 2 counties (Nassau and Suffolk). I think Hampton County should take eastern half of Suffolk County because of the Hamptons.

    Topic 4: Health
    -Long Island should build more hospitals to keep residents healthy and happy. Hampton and Suffolk Counties should have at least two 5-star hospitals. Nassau County, and Queens and Brooklyn Boroughs should have at least one 5-star hospital due to the population and available lots.
    -Long Island would ban marijuana, even at home.

    Topic 5: Attractions, Resorts & Casinos
    -Long Island should add more amusement parks, zoos, water parks, hotels, casinos and other attraction places. Long Island is beautiful, but I feel like Long Island should add more of that stuff, without affecting wildlife, environment and traffic (only from bad to good).
    -Long Island would be one of the most attractive states, like Florida and California.

    And that's why Long Island should be its own US state.

  • New York State is not as rural as you think and has voted for Democrats too.

    A small town North of Albany in a quiet area has the World's largest microchip manufacturing plant in the world. People from ALL walks of life live here in peace. Over 8 languages are spoken in our school district. Have you ever been North of Westchester Co? P.S. Staten Island and Long Island have a large community of deer. Brooklyn has raccoons & opposom. East end of L.I. Is very rural.

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