• Economic Instability USA

    All you need is love & to surround yourselves with people who love you. Money is a farce. Wealthy people are not even happy. Ot is why they feel the need to acquire more material objects, useless things. Greed is a mental illness. Money is an illusion. Save your money.

  • No hope, just steals money from the poor

    To the person saying it gives them "hope" when they otherwise have no chance to make money. Everyone has a chance to create their own businesses if they want, and you can also invest in bonds or stocks to grow your money. If everyone who spent $10+ a week on lottery tickets put that away in an actual investment, they would all be millionaires. You need to empower yourself to create your own hope, not depend on some mythical and highly unlikely source of income. Your more likely to get hit by lightning or die in a car accident then ever winning the lottery.

  • Not the way to fund schools.

    There are much better ways to fund education and it's apparent that money isn't doing a very good job raising grade levels. The worst thing about lotteries is the biggest chunk of tickets comes from the lower class. The success of the winners are built on the desperate dreams of the poor. They could be investing all that money instead of throwing it away.

  • Lotteries be banned

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  • lotteries be banned

    I personally agree,I do not believe that the lottery is a good way for us Americans to get a large quantity of money. It is based on luck and i believe its unfair to have someone who has never worked a day in his life win, when there are people who work every day of the week. They give false hope and it waste our money. Its one out of a million someone will win.

  • Dollar dollar bling

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  • They bring in revenue

    No, I do not believe that lotteries should be banned. Lotteries are good source of revenue and it also gives some people that would otherwise never live a better lifestyle a chance to move up on the social ladder. It may become gambling problem for some, but in most cases it is a harmless way of gather revenue and changing some people's lives.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe lotteries should be banned. I believe people enjoy participating in these events in the hopes to win big. Some states have utilized lottery monies to benefit the society in very good ways. An example of this would be Tennessee's use of lottery funds for higher education. These programs do more to help society than the lottery does to harm it, in my opinion.

  • Lotteries give hope for the poor.

    No, lotteries should not be banned. I have quite often been a little bit light on my finances and when I'm feeling exceptionally bad I go and buy a lottery ticket. Just the act itself gives me a little bit of hope that something good might happen financially. Without lotteries poor people don't have much of a chance of ever changing their financial status in this world. Altruistically it could be said that lotteries help fund a lot of programs, but in reality they fund a lot of hope.

  • No, lotteries should not be banned.

    Lotteries should not be banned because they are very useful in raising money and awareness for many different causes. I find it odd that anyone would want lotteries to be banned at all. I think that the educational system benefits dramatically from the lottery system and it would be tragic if it was banned.

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