• Don't be a fool.

    Love can wait until a family can be supported. Love is all well, but love, a full stomach, a roof over one's head, and a future for one's progeny should they choose to have any is truly excellent. Anything else is inviting certain doom to be visited upon you. So please, make sure you can take care of your loved ones.

  • Wait for Responsibility to Kick In

    Love should wait until a couple is responsible enough to have sexual intercourse when they are able to deal with the 20-year consequence of the act. But teenage hormones sometimes aren't willing to wait, which is where single motherhood happens at a young age. Love should wait--it saves a lot of trouble later on. But that isn't the reality of life.

  • Love should wait.

    Love should wait. So many people rush into relationships at such young ages and claim to be in love without really experiencing anything in life and end up regretting choices that they made. I think people should wait and when the right time and person comes along it will just feel right.

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