Should low IQ levels be weeded out of society through paid, voluntary sterilization?

  • Why not? Gotta get rid of someone!

    The planet is overcrowded - let's get rid of some of us - left handers? Low IQ's. People between 5ft 8 inches and 5 ft 9 inches? Well, I;m waiting for a lot of abuse from the low IQ people who no doubt take a great deal of interest in this argument

  • No, low IQ levels should not be weeded out through sterilization.

    Proposing low IQ levels should be weeded out through sterilization reeks of WWII Germany. Yes, the prerequisite of voluntary is provided. But what sort of IQ level are we discussing? Many people who have intellectual disabilities are under the guardianship of the state or family members who make their medical decisions. In that situation, someone else would be making the decision to permanently alter another individual, and sometimes that person would be an agent of the state. This plot sounds remarkably like the beginning of Brave New World.

  • voluntary sterilization is tantamount to Hitler's master race agenda

    Low IQ is a natural normal condition of the human race. There are going to be those that are gifted with high intelligence due to genetic predisposition, as well as, luck. Unfortunately there are others that have been affected by recombinant dna distribution, trauma at birth or chromosomal abnormality. Just because someone has low i.Q does not mean that their children will have the same affliction. Most children born with low IQ are usually born to average or above average intelligent individuals, so the argument to voluntarily weed them out is barbaric, inhumane and unnecessary. It hints of Hilter's master race agenda and should not be entertained.

  • Human Rights for ALL Humans, Not Just Those with High IQ's

    The recent suggestion to interrupt natural selection by voluntary sterilization of those with low IQ's not only shortsighted, but potentially disastrous to the future of humanity's impact on our planet. When assessing the impact of asinine suggestions such as this, one must examine past excursions into humanity's attempts to alter the natural genetic database that evolution has provided.

  • Steralizing the unintellegent?

    Absolutely not. Various studies have been done to see if intelligence is related to genetics. At most it was found that about fifty percent of genetics influences your IQ. A great deal of your IQ is determined by your environment. Sterilizing those with lower IQ levels is not going to make a super intelligent society. You instead might be preventing an Albert Einstein from being born.

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