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  • Something is up

    Something is up between Clinton and Lynch and that meeting should have never happened. The Clintons will do anything to stay ahead of the political game. I don't know if any bribery, kissing up, or other activity was done between Lynch and Bill, but it should have never happened. We need to hold such officials to high standards.

  • No, Loretta Lynch should not have met with Bill Clinton.

    No, Loretta Lynch should not have met with Bill Clinton. As the attorney general, Lynch heads the Justice Department, which is currently investigating Hillary Clinton for possible criminal activity involving the handling of her emails while she was the secretary of state. Lynch's private meeting with Bill Clinton in the midst of the investigation appears highly improper.

  • No, it was an unforced error

    This was one of the most bone headed political moves I have ever seen. Why would Bill Clinton go meet with her? I know he appointed her 23 years ago to the office that eventually led to her appointment today but he compromised her reputation, his wife's reputation and his own. It was the one time he just needed to go on his way and not go say hello to anyone.

  • Lynch should have steered clear of Clinton

    Despite their friendship, Loretta Lynch should not have met with Bill Clinton alone. Whether they discussed the case or not, the meeting had the appearance of partiality. Ms. Lynch must remain completely impartial, and any meetings with either Hillary or her family need to be documented and witnessed during this critical time. Therefore, if they really needed to meet, they should have done so in an official setting with witnesses and documentation.

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