• Yes, he should.

    Not only should be resign, but he should be arrested. He made threats against a senator and that senator should press charges. Maine's Govenor has not apologized for his threats, instead he put the senator in the awkward position of having to deny the accusations that spurred the threats, which were not worthy of threats anyway.

  • I agree that Maine's governor should resign.

    The recent news of Maine's governor and his reactions to opposition in the election is no way for a state official to behave. Leaving threatening and racist phone messages for his rivals for office is unprofessional and tasteless. This is not the way an official of state should act and he should resign.

  • Yes, Maine's governor should resign.

    The governor of Main should resign. Most voters have lost confidence in the ability of Paul Lepage to govern the state, due to allegations of racism. These allegations are serious enough that many question whether or not Lepage can uphold the law fairly to all residents. Therefore, Lepage should offer his resignation so that the state can move on from this controversy.

  • No, Maine's governor should not resign.

    No, Maine's governor should not resign. Although he was involved in a scandal, he is seeking spiritual advice, and he said that he would not resign. We cannot force someone to resign a job or a position, especially a government job, unless he or she has done something really bad.

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