• It should be banned

    The reason being the fact students going to a academic place not for a shopping centre or a party , also the fact that some girls might feel the need to wear makeup since pretty much every other girl wearing it so she would feel she has to even she might not like it plus some families can't afford buying make up for their children to use every day of school.

  • Makeup should not be banned

    They say it is due to ‘distraction in lessons’ but if my mascara is distracting someone then that’s their problem not mine, students should have an opportunity sensibly. If students have self-control then makeup will not affect their concentration. Another reason they say this is because ‘it makes non makeup user’s self-conscious’ but if schools think that is the case do they really think the solution to that is banning it for everyone? How about teaching children its okay to wear makeup and its okay not to, and whether you wear makeup or not that doesn’t define you and teach kids they can look and feel good if you choose to wear it or not and what is put on your face is not who you are as a person, not making a rule where nobody can wear it. It’s like cross country; some people like it and some people don’t so should we ban that too?
    If someone feels better wearing makeup or simply likes doing it then why are you telling them they can’t? Not only is it not allowed kids are being punished for it! Phone calls home, detentions, etc. It’s just not right and a waste of time to punish students for something this ridiculous, it won’t stop them wearing it out of school. Schools should have a lot more things to worry about than if someone has eyebrows on or not. It is a way of expressing yourself, and make up is a form of art and doing it becomes a skill. Make up makes an individual feel confident with the way they look. If you are not being affected by someone else's life choices then you have no say in what they do or wear. If it wasn't for judgemental people or the society claiming people should look a certain way then women may feel more confident and if they feel more confident due to makeup then let them express themselves.
    Teachers have said ‘Makeup has chemicals in it which can affect your skin’ Sure, makeup can have chemicals in it that can irritate your skin, but so does aftershave/perfume and every other beauty product, so why aren't you banning those? Because it's ridiculous!

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