Should male teachers be allowed in an all girls school?

  • They give girls male role models

    Male teachers are not all paedophiles and are professional and good and Ithink that if you do not let male teachers teach at all girls schools then that is descrimintaion and it is preventing girls of dealing with male people because..... They are half of the population of course! .

  • Yes they should

    Not all men are predators and not all women are angels. Male and female teachers can do the same job! Girls need to learn how to socialize and be friends with males. Otherwise, they will not have a successful life if they end up being in a male dominated job like a figefighter or constructor worker.

  • Of course yes

    Why shouldn't they? I mean yes, from past experience, the girls go crazy, but the male teachers are humans too! Jez, some of the no comments are harsh, calling all male teachers pedo's, like wth! I go to an all girls school and I must admit, there are some, but most are really nice and smart! That is the same as co-ed schools. Actually, young male teachers at all girls schools are good so that we can learn things from their perspective too!

  • Equality is key

    There are a lot of good hearted men out there with good intentions which thrive off the opportunity to educate. Why would you discriminate against their gender? There are women out there which take advantage of school boys and perform sexual acts on them, so why are all of the male teachers copping it? Give them a chance.

  • Of Course they should be

    It is highly unreasonable to turn down a teacher due to gender. Gender equality means just as a female teacher would be accepted to an all boys school a male teacher should be accepted to an all girls school. If you are worried about inappropriate behavior then shouldn't you check the sexual orientation of the female teachers too? Or is it just men that are rapists?

  • Yes, male teachers should be allowed in all Girls schools.

    I say yes because there is no problem with that. Would you rather have a lazy women teacher or a man with a degree? I'm not saying all female teachers are lazy but sometimes males would be the better one to choose. Many girls can focus just as good from a male teacher and sometimes even better.

  • Yes, I do think male teachers should be allowed teach in an all-girls school.

    Yes, I personally think so because of my experience with my three male teachers. It's like they teach you very quickly with their style of teaching like making up songs to remember certain stuff for tests. But most people think male teachers shouldn't be allowed into a classroom full of female students because they think they are going to look at the girls in a way they shouldn't, e.g., pass a sex vulnerable, sex toy or a person they can pick on just because some people think men are better than women.

  • Generally.

    I don't think there is any particularly good reason to disallow male teachers from teaching in an all-female school. The main concern, probably, is that the teacher would do something inappropriate, but this is a concern in any school environment and proper evaluation of the teacher will prevent that kind of thing from happening.

  • Of course male teachers should be allowed in an all girls school.

    Perhaps the most important thing for anyone to learn while in school is how to properly socialize with other people, regardless of their gender. While it is possible that some male teachers could be distractions for some girl students, those situations should be handled on a case by case basis, rather than recoursing to a general attitude of restrictions of what gender teacher should be employed. Additionally, students benefit from the experiences, philosophies, and perspectives of both genders, thereby providing a more balanced exprience for their educations.

  • The world is filled with men and women

    Yes. Male teachers should be allowed in an all girls school. Having a male perspective and direction in education would be beneficial in an all girls school. In their everyday lives and a professional corporate environment, women will have to work with men. The same would apply in a situation with female teachers in an all boys school.

  • Male teachers should NOT AT ALL be allowed in all school girls since they are like pedophiles and perverts.

    Its just weird an all girls school can be for parents wanting to get their kids away from boys. Adding more males makes it worse..Plus they dont understand girl problems like periods bra and if there is health class its way to awkward for him to teach. A bunch of these men may be filthy perverts just trying to get a look at girls it should not be allowed girls and female teachers under stand one another. I think that it makes sense that they only have girl teachers for an all girls school

  • No male teachers

    it may be awkward for the children and teachers that are in the school. It isn't fair for the students to feel uncomfortable with having males in the school.If the girls in the school feel uncomfortable it will be hard for them to focus on the work that is being provided.

  • Motives Are Questionable and...

    I do support gender equality for most cases, but it's very suspicious why a grown male would want to teach in a place full of young girls. It also defeats the purpose of all girls schools if there is a male teacher. Girls, particularly teenagers, can have crushes on teachers and be distracted.

  • Why is that even a question?

    One has to question the motives behind a man wanting to teach at a all girl school. It's just too dangerous. Men are more sexual begins and prone to rape than women, that's just the truth. Putting men in a all girls school is like putting a group of lions in a field of zebra. Some of not all zebra are getting eaten sooner or later.

  • What's the point of an all girls school if there's male teachers

    Many parents put their child in an all girls school for safety and comfort. A lot of girls have been abused by boys and men so an all girls school is their only choice for education. If you put in male teachers then it can invoke a triggering past for the girl. An all girls school is a female safe space. This is the same for all boys schools. The teachers gender has to matter in these types of schools, if anyone doesn't like it then they can teach in public schools.

  • Its an ALL GIRLS school

    If its an all girls school that should apply to the teachers too. If it were an all boys school i would think that there should be no female teachers. People go to an all girls school for a reson. Clearly it is so they do not have to go to school with boys. So if there is a male teacher that ruins the point.

  • Male teachers shouldn't be allowed.

    I don't go to an all girls school and it's bad enough already. Some male teachers in my school don't really do the right things with female students. Just imagine what could happen in an all girls school. Men can be perverted sometimes and we shouldn't take a chance with them teaching. You never know what's going to happen.

  • All Men are Perverts

    No matter what, every male looks at every Female the same way. Unless that teacher is Gay. All Men creep on Women and all men look at girls' body parts. Covered or Exposed. Men should not be allowed in any school system because lots of Male teachers end up in prison for being a pedophile. Men should never be trusted around Females no matter the age. Every girl should be able to trust a teacher and only Female teachers truly understand what Girls go through, and Men are truly disrespectful when it comes to girls' times of the month or any hormonal issue. Men have no feelings. They are cold hearted, self centered, Idiots!

  • I don’t think that male teachers should ever be allowed in an all-girl school.

    I don’t think that male teachers should ever be allowed in
    an all-girl school. There is just too
    much temptation. Even a man with good
    intentions could potentially fall victim.
    Also, if a female student is sexually aggressive, the male teacher will
    be the one who is prosecuted if the female student is underage.

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