Should malls not be open for business on all public holidays?

  • Business should honor the holidays

    We only have 2 major days out of 365 days to rest and be with families. Businesses that stay open want to make more money and force their laborers to do the work for them. Guess who sits at home to be with the family? The ceo of whatever business. They sit at home while their employees work their tails off to make more money for the business.Unfair I say. The holidays is a wonderful tradition being ruined by money hungry businesses.

  • Keep them closed.

    Malls should not be open for business on all public holidays. This is because we need to reflect on these days by relaxing at home, or in church. The significance of these days needs to be understood. If people are shopping at malls on those days, there is no way to separate commercialism with what is actually important.

  • Malls should be closed on public holidays

    Malls should be closed on public holidays. I believe every citizen should be entitled to some days off, and especially people who work in retail stores. Speaking from experience, I wish I had holidays off when I was working at Target and Wal-Mart, but it was an unfulfilled dream that never came to pass. There are only a few major holidays per year, so stores inside the malls should give workers the days off to relax.

  • No place should be open

    I do not think that any place should be open on holidays. More and more, businesses are staying open on holidays. Many people cannot afford to take the holiday off either and get stuck working those shifts. If all places were closed, people would be forced to take a day off. Mall definitely should be closed.

  • We have time to shop.

    No, malls should not - not be open for business on all public holidays, because days that have holiday breaks from government work are days that people actually do not have other plans and can actually go shopping. Government workers are in their buildings all day, and they can actually go shop on holidays.

  • Malls should be open for business on all public holidays.

    Malls should be open for business on all public holidays. Malls have to make money to be able to stay in business. Malls make their money by renting the space out to the retailer. I can understand not being open on major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas but the other holidays they should be open.

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